Audio Recordings on Various Topics
A Talk With Medical Students About Cancer Experience  

A recording of a presentation I gave to medical students describing my experience of a healed mind during a
diagnosis of breast cancer.
If the recording gets "stuck" when playing, click on the audio link, press play and then press pause.  
Pause it for at least 5 minutes to give it time to load, and then press play.
Miracles Heal Unconscious Guilt- Highlights of my Spiritual Journey

I was a guest homilist at Spiritus Christi Church and was asked to speak about my spiritual journey. The talk
focused on describing the experiences I had with unconscious guilt and the miracles that release it.

Get Ready For A Miracle- An in-depth look at what interferes with receiving the miracle & what to do about it
Our Spiritual Journey- From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection
Part 1 (45 min.)
Part 2 (45 min.)
ACIM Answer To Terrorism Part 1  Audio Recording 45 Minutes
ACIM Answer To Terrorism Part 2  Includes A Meditation 33 Minutes