Audio Recordings; Various Topics
Listen ONLY to the Holy Spirit's Voice -Based on Jeremiah 7:23     (24 minutes)  Guest Speaker: Spiritus Christi
A Talk With Medical Students About Cancer Experience  A recording of a presentation I gave to medical students
describing my experience of a healed mind during a diagnosis of breast cancer.
A recorded conversation between myself and a fellow Course student where we discuss what a miracle is and how to look on all
happenings in our life as an opportunity to heal our mind, be blessed with awareness and extend this awareness to the world.
If the recording gets "stuck" when playing, click on the audio link, press play and then press pause.  
Pause it for at least 5 minutes to give it time to load, and then press play.
Miracles Heal Unconscious Guilt- Highlights of my Spiritual Journey
I was a guest homilist at Spiritus Christi Church and was asked to speak about my spiritual journey. The talk focused on
describing the experiences I had with unconscious guilt and the miracles that release it.
Get Ready For A Miracle- An in-depth look at what interferes with receiving the miracle & what to do about it
Our Spiritual Journey- From Palm Sunday to the Resurrection (Based on W.#303, T.20.I)
Part 1 (45 min.)
Part 2 (45 min.)
ACIM Answer To Terrorism Part 1  Audio Recording 45 Minutes
ACIM Answer To Terrorism Part 2  Includes A Meditation 33 Minutes