A Course in Miracles Christmas
Christmas Audio Messages
2009    "What Is The True Meaning of Christmas?"
2011    "Love Does Not See Guilt"
2012    "Surrender And Trust To Experience The Peace of God"
2013    "You Are Not Who You Think You Are"
2014    "I Am Here. You Are Not Alone"
2015   "Release The Obstacles to Love's Presence"
Christmas 2015 Freedom Prayer Meditation  (7min)
Christmas Meditations
Christmas 2015 Centering Prayer Meditation  (6 min)
Meditation: Joining With The Christ (8 Min.)
Meditation: Rest In The Light (8 Min.)
How To Look Upon Our Brother Jesus (Recording
Christmas Articles and Prayers
Christmas Music
Article:  The Meaning of Christmas
A Christmas Prayer
Support For Those Who Are Grieving
I Am Here  Composer: Resta Burnham
Fly With Me
Prayers - 2015
Who Is Jesus-Christ-YouTube Video
25 Days of Christmas- A Course in Miracles Advent Calendar
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Copy of Freedom Prayer
Jesus Is A Symbol Of  Your Innocence -Audio 10 Min.
Event:  Candlelight Service December 18th
NEW  Gratitude: Open to the Abundance of God (Without Feeling Guilty)  12 minutes
A Note From Patti About Gratitude  (Please read before listening to gratitude meditation.)
2016  "Practice The Grace Of Receiving"
NEW    Receive The Gift Of Love Meditation
(Referece:  W.#189 and  "Perfect Love, Imperfect
Relationships" by John Welwood)