A Course In Miracles
What is my True Purpose?    

In this class we explore the following questions:  Why am I here?  What is my purpose? Am I where I'm suppose to
be? ACIM teaches that we all play an important part in the plan for salvation.  We are asked to say "yes" to the true
purpose of our life and to fulfill our special function which is tailored to our own strengths and abilities.  We must be
willing to let go of our limiting beliefs that block the flow of this Divine plan unfolding in our life. Included is a 30-day
healing journey which helps with the process of healing and fulfilling your part of the plan.
True Purpose Audio
How to Have a Holy Interaction With Everyone We Meet

ACIM teaches that each time we greet someone it is an opportunity to gladden ourselves.  With having 20 or so
encounters per day, that is allot of happiness to be had!  Why is it that most often instead of feeling joy when
encountering each other, we feel a disconnect, or frustrated, or rushed to get our point heard before having to move
on to our next encounter.  Think of all the missed opportunities we have to bring more joy into our everyday life.  
This class explores the Course's teaching on holy encounters and how an interaction with another can actually
bring to us the reminder of our holiness and make our hearts leap with joy.  This class offers a process that can be
used when interacting with another that is simple and offers great rewards.
    Holy Encounters Audio
This Life is but a Dream (?)  

A Course In Miracles teaches that we are in an "illusion"  or "dream state". This is an abstract idea that is
challenging to grasp, yet it is the foundation of the Course's teachings.  In this class we explore how we can begin
to conceptualize the term "dream".  This exploration allows us to springboard into looking at the undoing of our
identity or image that we treasure in the dream; for it is the belief in this little "self" that is giving rise to our
experiences of suffering, pain and lack of peace.  Included in this audio is a process to use when faced with pain,
suffering, sadness, guilt and the many other forms that are present when our minds have fallen asleep and believe
we are this little "self".  This process brings a new experience that will teach us the truth of who we are.  Having new
experiences begins to dismantle the reality of the dream and
this leads to our waking up.  Dream Audio
The Search for Happiness

As holy children of God, we are meant to be joyful and yet we find that for the most part, our experiences are not
ones of joy.  A Course In Miracles recognizes that we have grown tired and weary from the endless search to find
happiness and peace in this world.  It states that the reason we cannot find it is not because it can't be found, but
because we are looking in the wrong place.  The Course gives us a path that leads to where our true happiness
lies, but first we must be willing to stop looking where it cannot be found.   This class helps us identify when we
have sought out an idol, how to release the desire for it and where we can find what it is we are truly searching for.   
We also explore how our belief in guilt is the reason why the idols never "save us" and how healing our minds of
this guilt is the way to experience the joy that is our natural inheritance.     
Happiness Audio                               

We all have had the experience of fear.   When it shows itself we try to run from it, master it or plow through it, only to
have it reappear, like a plastic ball your trying to keep under the water but hard as you try, it keeps popping up.  This
class explores why we have fear and how fear is the barrier that needs to be passed through in order to know our
True Self.  We then explore how passing through the barrier of fear is exactly what we
want to do because it is our
soul's true desire to know Thyself.  ACIM teachings gives us a way to approach fear when it comes up and pass
through it with the Guide of the Holy Spirit.  The Course explains that all fear is the result of a mistaken belief that we
are alone and separate.  If we ask for a healing of our perception, we realize we truly have nothing to fear.  Included
in this class is a process that you can apply to whatever is giving rise to fear in your life.  The Course uses Love to
dispel all fear and when you access this within your own mind, love truly does conquer all.      
Fear  Audio
I Want To Experience Peace

In many spiritual circles we often hear the idea that what is showing up in our lives is a result of our beliefs.  In other
words; it is our beliefs that are the cause of our experiences.  If you are continually getting the same experience in
your life (i.e. Everyone rejects me, I'm always being attacked, No one listens to me.....just to name a few),  the
solution is to "Change your mind, change your life".  It sounds good in theory but what happens for most of us is that
our experiences keep reinforcing our belief.  It is challenging to believe something is not true when it is currently
showing up in our life!  The Course teaches that it
is our mind that is dictating our experiences but also recognizes
that it is our
experience that needs to change in order to release the belief.  The Course's method of healing our
beliefs is through reinterpreting what everything means.  Giving new meaning to our experiences, ushers in a new
experience and this is what heals our mind of its limiting beliefs.  Included in this class is a process for healing our
beliefs which can be applied to any situation.  Using this process, coupled with your willingness to let go  = a new
experience of peace.  And isn't that what we are all searching for?  
Change Your Mind Audio

The "secret" is out....we can manifest anything we truly desire using the power of our mind!   But what does the
Course say about this new/old discovery?  What does the author of the Course teach about manifesting? This class
explores manifesting and the power of the mind from the Course's perspective.  It's teaching introduces a new way
to look at manifesting and how we are to walk in the world as holy children of God.  We also explore the question:  
How do I get my needs met? If you have a perceived need  you can use the process given in class to release the
need to the Holy Spirit in order to meet your true need.   We also take some class time to explore "following your
bliss".  This is quite different than manifesting your desires and seeing it as a way to express the Divine within you;
you can quickly uncover and remove the blocks to what is trying to express itself in your life.
  Manifesting Audio
The Body :A New Purpose

This class explores how the body came to be, what purpose the ego assigns to the body and how by our
agreement to use the body for the ego's goals, we experience sickness, attack and separation.  Now that we find
ourselves in a body; are we doomed to live out the assignment given it?  The Course teaches that all form
(including the body) can be used by the Holy Spirit to heal our minds.  We don't have to continue to hate our bodies
for now they have a new purpose assigned by the Holy Spirit.  If we are willing to give its purpose over to the Holy
Spirit, the body is released from its role of attacker, and can be the vehicle in which we reach other minds to heal.    
The Body  Audio

This class explores the many questions we have around prayer.  Are  prayers answered?  To whom are we to
pray?  What should we pray for?  Does God hear our prayers?  These questions feel very important to us because
we believe prayer is the way we communicate with God while in a body.  We want reassurances that God is really
there for us and taking care of us.  This class explores the answers to these questions through looking at the
Course's teachings on prayer.  We use the ladder analogy to see how we climb from one level of asking to another,
taking our awareness higher and higher until we reach the original form of prayer:  communication with our Divine
Prayer  Audio

We all are in relationship in one form or another, whether it be with a partner, a parent, a child, a co-worker or a
friend.  Our relationships seem to vacillate between ego driven goals which result in confusion and conflict and the
goal of truly joining together in unity and peace.  How can we be more consistent in choosing peace instead of
conflict; unity instead of separation? Is there a way to heal
through our relationships?   In this teaching we learn of
the ego purpose of relationship, how to change our minds about what relationships  are for and how to notice and
release the hidden beliefs that block true communion with each other and with God.  
Introduction to A Course in Miracles

This class provides an overview of A Course in Miracles teaching on the Holy Spirit, the ego, the power of the mind
and healing and answers questions such as; What is the Holy Spirit? How can I hear the Voice of Spirit? Why is it
important to let go of the ego?  What is the relationship between my thoughts and the world? How does healing
Is There Free Will?  

In part 1 of this class we explore the question: Is the script already written or do we have free will? We take an in
depth look at the "creation" of this world and the plan ACIM gives us to wake up from the dream. The journey we take
through events, situations, relationships, circumstances provide a backdrop for healing and if we remember we do
have choices and exercises these choices, we will find the miracles that we seek.  Part 2 provides life examples
and a process to really see things differently.

"No gift of Heaven has been more misunderstood than has forgiveness" (SOP), and yet, it is the cornerstone on
which the miracle rests and is the central practice of the Holy Spirit's plan to save us from what we made. It is such
an important concept that it is mentioned 1,077 times throughout the text and workbook. In this recording we clarify
ACIM's definition of forgiveness, learn of its important role in miracles, and what is our part and the Holy Spirit's part
in forgiving.  
What Does My Soul Want to Experience?

A Course in Miracles teaches that most are given a slowly evolving training program that will help correct previous
mistakes, perceive ourselves and relationships properly and strengthen our trust so the ego thought system does
not tempt us to believe in it again. This is a step by step path to enlightenment. But to keep walking we must listen
and follow guidance on what best serves this plan. With so much energy spent on our daily activities and
responsibilities we need to practice listening deeply to what our Soul needs and move in that direction in trust.
How Is Healing Accomplished?

True healing rests upon one goal; to recognize that all God Creates is whole, perfect and holy. This is healing
because all forms of dis-ease have one cause; the belief in separation. But make no mistake; illusions can change
when the truth of what we are is recognized. "The body's healing will occur because its cause has gone. And now
without a cause, it cannot come again in different form." (SOP) In this class we explore how healing and the
awareness of the Christ are related and how we can be sure that we are asking for true healing and not a healing
that reinforces separation and guilt. We will clarify what needs to be healed, how true healing happens and how this
will end suffering in any form.