Thoughts That Illuminate

Are you Willing to Learn Something New?

In my last posting I wrote about the moment in my life when my spiritual journey began; when I focused my
attention away from the world and toward the healing of my mind.  This change in direction rang the bell for
freedom and with this action; I entered a new school of learning. This new school is not the “hard knocks”
school where we learn how to survive when the world keeps beating us down but rather a school whose
curriculum is to teach us about our Self.  It seems a bit silly doesn’t it, that we need to go to school to learn
about our self?  But we do!  We have put ourselves under hypnosis, telling ourselves that we are a separate
body that struggles to get our basic needs met, who gets sick, rejected and attacked. We have been walking
around pretending for so long that now we have to go back to school to relearn what we once already
Knew. Today I would like to ask if you have entered this new school and rung the bell to begin your class.  
Have you taken a seat ready to learn this new curriculum?

You have if you are practicing anything at all that even remotely looks
opposite to what the world tells you to
do to find a sense of peace, happiness and/or connection.  Maybe you are taking just a few minutes each day
to rest your mind from its chaotic thinking and find a place of stillness.  Maybe you have begun reading books
that you never thought you would read, that teach ideas that stretch your mind to think differently about
things.  Maybe you are watching your thoughts throughout the day and entertaining the idea that they may
just be the cause of your distress.  For most of us this is the intro class that we take. We signed up because
we are sick and tired of being sick and tired.  Two things have happened; we don’t want to be in pain
anymore and there has been some realization that the old way just isn’t working.  When we begin to focus
on the inner world and contemplate and practice new ways to do that we are ready for the next class.

In this next class we learn that we are the choice maker and we are responsible for what we think and
therefore what we experience.  Through many homework assignments we learn that belief
does equal
experience.  We also get in touch with an attribute that we didn’t know we possess.  We learn of the
power of our mind and its ability to make anything that it desires show up in the world of form.  This class is
important in that it introduces you to an aspect of your True Self- a mind that is creative.  We get in touch
with the strength that comes from realizing we are not victims but decision makers and we begin to find a
sense of freedom that comes in relearning that we are powerful beyond measure.  If you are engaged with
any kind of belief work, from manifesting, affirmations, to releasing old patterns of belief, you are enrolled in
this class.  This class has some lures.

It is tempting to want to take this class over and over and not graduate to the next one.  This temptation
reminds me of the lion in the Wizard of Oz getting mesmerized and seduced in the poppy field.  He hasn’t
reached his destination yet (the wizard) but because he is satisfied with pleasurable feelings he becomes
content to stay for awhile.  We all can get stuck thinking that this is the end of our learning.  Remember
what you are in school for. You are relearning about You.  In this class you have only discovered an aspect of
You.  The entire You is not yet fully Known.   You believe you are still a separate individual. One with a
powerful mind; but yet still an individual.

If in this class you have experienced yourself as Love and something else, you know you are still holding on
to a separate identity.  This something else can be ‘failure’, ‘lack’, ‘pain’, ‘aloneness’,  ‘anger/grievance';
anything that indicates there is a ‘you’ that can experience something other than love.  I refer to this as my
“Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” belief.  I experience myself as two selves; one holy (at times) and one very
unholy.  We cannot be two selves; only one.  If our True Self is One with God, there can be no individual
‘you’.  Therefore when we are ready to release our separateness and individuality and to know thy Self as
only one Self we enter the next class.  

This class requirement can be met in a moment; a millisecond of time.  All that is required to graduate is to
let go completely our false identity and accept the truth of What we are.  In an instant all a student has to
say is; “I am not that” (ego false identity) and say “I am That” (True Self) and awaken at once.  But the
majority of us will experience this as a slow letting go of all that we think we are, or the world is or our
brother is.   In this class our homework is to bring all aspects of our false self up for the ‘truth test’. For
example, maybe you have felt attacked or victimized.  Who are you with this idea? You are “one who can be
attacked and made to be a weak victim”.  Put this up to the ‘truth test’ and you will see that this is false.  

Your True Self is not weak, cannot be hurt nor made to do anything against its will.  Maybe you have a
chronic back pain.  Who are you with this idea? You are “one who can be in pain”.  Your True Self cannot
be in pain because it only knows itself as Love and Love has no opposites. Maybe you feel sensitive to your
surroundings and need to protect yourself from the world. Who are you with this idea? You are “one who
can be overpowered by the world; one who is weak against the powerful forces of the world”. Your True
Self has dominion over all because you were made in the Likeness of God.  Can a little mouse (the world)
really harm an elephant?  The list goes on and on. We believe we are our jobs, our successes, our service,
our organizational skills, our talents, etc.  We believe we are our failures, our lack of service, our messiness,
and our selfish thoughts.  Our identity is all tied up in knots.  Our work in this class is to unravel them and
let them loose. As we loosen all false ideas the truth is the only thing that is left.  

This class requires much diligence, commitment and the searching out for all that we hold onto that seems
to speak of our false self.  But the rewards are Heaven.  Yes, in the beginning we might mourn, resist or
experience grief in letting go of all that we thought we were, but when we do, we experience a depth of
peace that we never knew possible, a love that encompasses all things and  happiness that does not change
with the wind.  This experience increases our willingness to give more and more over for release which
leaves space for more and more peace. And before you know it, we have let go of all that is false and
accepted that truth is true. Now we Know our Self entirely.

It doesn’t matter what class you are taking, or if you are just standing on the front steps wondering if you
should enter.  The Teacher of this school waits patiently for us to decide when we are ready to take the
next step or even enter the building.  The opportunity is not a once in a lifetime offer.  It is always offered.
And we can accept anytime we want.  Even though we enter in an effort to be free of pain, we find oh so
much more upon graduation.  Yes we are free of pain, yes we are peaceful and happy but we are also the
one thing that brings Heaven on earth.  We are Awake.  

Written by: Patti Fields