Thoughts That Illuminate

How to Hear Clearly the Voice for God

I was raising children in the 90’s.  In this decade you could not go to a play group, social gathering,
grocery store or public place where you didn’t hear a mom say at least once to their kids:
“Do you
have your listening ears on?”
It wasn’t too long before I discovered why this was such a popular
question. I began to notice that even though it
appeared as if they were listening they often were
distracted by their own thoughts and not really hearing the message I was trying to convey.  How
does the idea of being a good listener relate to our spiritual journey? The Course teaches that we
have two voices that we listen to.  One is the voice of the ego and one, the Voice for God or the
Holy Spirit.  So often Course students talk about how loud the ego's voice is and how it seems that
when we ask to hear the Holy Spirit we just can’t.  As usual Course instruction always leads us back
to the idea that we are the one making the choice. If we are not hearing it is because we do not
want to pay attention.  Are we at times like the children who appear to be listening but are
distracted by our own thinking and desire to hear the ego instead?

The word “listen” occurs 120 times in ACIM. Jesus must think being a good listener is important.
Many of these are in reference to listening to the Voice for God (Holy Spirit).
“We would but listen to
Your Word”, “I wait and listen for Your Voice”,” We will be still and listen for the Voice of healing”
We also find reference to the importance of listening in the Gospel of Thomas and the Gospel of
“Those who have ears, let them hear” and in Matthew 13:9 "He who has ears, let him
I’ve always found these passages intriguing. It seems to imply that not all of us have ears.  
But of course we all have ears….two to be exact. Let’s use the symbolism of left ear and right ear to
help clarify these passages.   

If you are hearing messages of rejection, attack and unfairness coming from everyone and
everything than you are listening to the ego, which we will call our left ear. These are our wrong-
minded thoughts and you are listening to the lies of the serpent.  If you are hearing messages of
love, joy, guiltlessness, joining and peace than you are listening to the Holy Spirit, which we will call
our right ear. These are our right-minded thoughts and you are listening to the truth of God.  
Maybe you are a little doubtful that there are messages of love, joy and peace to listen to. Maybe
you believe that you have only one good ear and all it seems to hear is how the world is scary, how
your brother wants to deny you, how you are weak and can be hurt.  Here is the good news. Your
right ear works perfectly well and has been designed to pick up even the tiniest of sounds. The only
reason you’re not hearing out of that ear is because you have put an ear plug in your right ear and
are going around saying, “What?? I can’t hear you…”  

What if we decided to remove the ear plug and listen with our right ear and let
“Christ (be) my eyes
today, and He the ears that listen to the Voice for God today” (W. #237)
?   What if we made the
commitment to be better listeners and tune into the Voice for God in every situation, event and with
every encounter? What if we had the Holy Spirit be “the ears in which we listen” instead of the ego?
What would we hear?  You can always tell when you have taken the ear plug out of the right ear
because you will be listening beyond words to the deeper message being conveyed. The message
will be void of judgment, without condemnation, minus anger and wholly absent of attack.
Everything will be interpreted through a lens of love.  

•  Instead of just reading ACIM words on a page, you will hear what you need to let go of, embrace
or have purified to awaken.
•  Instead of telling a story of what happened, you will hear what ego thoughts, beliefs and ideas are
surfacing that are in need of healing.
•  Instead of critiquing the meaning behind someone’s words, you will only be focused on whether
you hear love or a call for love.  
•  Instead of listening to demands, sacrifice and guilt from your partner you listen to the sound of
freedom for both to be your True Self.

So next time you’re faced with an upset, a frustration, a moment that is absent of peace; ask
yourself this question,
“Do I have my listening ears on?” Use this phrase like a stopper where you
pause, suspend your wondering thoughts and focus on the message from the Holy Spirit. The
message of love is always being spoken and if we’re listening with the right ear, we will hear.  When
Jesus said in the Gospels;
“those who have ears to listen, let them hear” he was talking to you.  You
have ears to listen, because you have made the commitment to take out your ear plug and tune
into truth.  So when you’re going about your day and the Holy Spirit asks; “Do you have your
listening ears on?” You can respond, “Why yes I do. Go ahead, I’m listening!”  

Written by: Patti Fields