Explore using dreams and visions as a means to reach spiritual consciousness to receive guidance and healing.

Learn the 6 types of spiritual dreams to identify which dreams are from the Spirit and to discern their purpose.

Develop a dream practice that nurtures and promotes profound insights and healing.

Recognize and release obstacles to receiving communication from the Spirit.

Gain knowledge of how to remember, interpret and apply the message to your life.

Expand the use of your dreams and visions to become  a source of healing for others.
Dreaming Miracles is not a special gift.  We all have access to God consciousness. Therefore we all  have the ability
to receive profound messages and healing from the spiritual realm. Yet for dreams and visions to be effective and
miraculous, it is important to strengthen this natural ability.  

In this workshop we will explore how to use dreams and visions to receive guidance, healing, spiritual sight, deep
understanding and expansion of consciousness. You will leave with tools and practices that will enable you to
journey deep into the unconscious to connect with spiritual wisdom and receive miracles.
Guest Presenter: Receive the Miracle of the Message  2020 Dates TBA
The messages in Dreaming Miracles answers our deepest questions, heals universal unconscious blocks, and
reveals spiritual truth. During our gathering, I describe the dream or vision in vivid and entertaining detail and then
expand on the metaphysical and practical meaning of the message.  I teach ways to apply the messages to
situations and relationships, so everyone can experience the healing power of these dreams.

In addition, I present dream messages I've received that are not included in the book.

Workshop: Dream Your Own Miracles   2020 Dates TBA
During our time together we will use teaching, reflection and experiential exercises to:
Dreaming Miracles
Everyone Can Do It
Interpret Spiritual Dreams and Visions for Expanded Awareness  
Interpretation of the Spirit's message is an essential component to experiencing the miracle. Because the dream
or vision is Spirit-guided, the interpretation must be Spirit-guided as well. Using a two-prong approach that
consists of reflective exploration and intuition, we can open to deep spiritual insights and guidance that create
miracles in our lives.

2020 Dates TBA  

Dreaming Miracles Chapter by Chapter: Bi-monthly online class taught by Patti Fields.                                    
Patti shares the metaphysical and practical meaning of the dreams and visions from her book Dreaming Miracles.
Through experiential exercise and meditation, the participants learn
ways to apply the messages to situations and
relationships, so they too can experience the healing power of these dreams.

Learn How to Interpret Through Group Sharing: Bi-monthly online meeting facilitated by Patti Fields.
One - three dreams or visions will be selected beforehand from participants. Patti teaches her intuitive method of
dream interpretation by working with the dreamer to uncover deep insights and guidance about her/his question
or challenge. Participants practice offering their own intuitive insights.

Private Session: Patti joins her gift of interpretation with your own insights to understand the Divine message
and its significance to your life's journey.  
If you would like a private session or host a Dreaming Miracles gathering, I would love to hear from you.
Together, we can create something that meet the needs of your group.
Expressions of Gratitude From Participants
Patti’s insightful and gentle teachings, wonderful sense of humor and joyous and contagious
laugh, brings everyone together. She openly shares her vulnerability and exemplifies confidence
in the healing power of dreams and visions. She is a true leader and role model for anyone who
seeks truth, understanding, love and peace.
Patti’s spiritual dreaming workshop broadened my thinking about how dreams and visions can
help me with challenges in my waking life.  I now understand how to access this vital link to my
Spirit. I can't wait to start dreaming miracles!
Magnificent Experience!! Patti's clarity is so wonderful. Diagrams, meditations and experiential
exercises helped me recognize unconscious patterns and receive guidance and healing from my
own inner wisdom.
Fabulous A+++  It felt so much like a journey carefully mapped from here to there to healing….
like seeds carefully planted and gently nourished to grow and blossom.
Patti welcomes everyone as equals and shares her gifts of wisdom and insight freely. She brings
God into a conversation like she is talking about a close friend. It’s very beautiful.