Spiritual Dreaming
Access Profound Insights, Guidance and Healing in the Dream State
Connecting to Divine wisdom is at the heart of every spiritual path because it is  
our source for profound insights, answers to our deepest questions, guidance
about our daily life, and healing mentally, emotionally and physically. Yet making
contact with this inner spiritual wisdom and receiving clear messages can be a

As we go about our daily life,the constant barrage of sights, sounds and thoughts
keep us anchored in lower level consciousness and make it difficult  to raise our
awareness high above the clouds to the heavenly state. But when we dream at
night, all of that interference goes to sleep: our guard is down, our thinking mind
rests and what we have repressed during the day can finally  be known.

We generally think of dreams as a night time show of our ego unconscious where
our deepest fears, repressed dark thoughts or ego desires are played out.
Although helpful to highlight what we are trying to repress, these are not spiritual
dreams. Spiritual dreams originate from a higher state of consciousness where the
Divine Light of God and Spirit dwell.  They provide information that is beyond our
normal way of thinking and feeling.

In many ancient spiritual teachings it was common place to use the dream world
as a meeting place to connect with the realm of Spirit.  Today we have lost sight of
this valuable resource of spiritual wisdom. This is surprising because spiritual
dreaming is not a special gift.  We all have access to universal spiritual
consciousness. We all dream.  Therefore we all have the potential to receive
profound messages and healing in the dream state.

That being said, spiritual dreaming is an art form that must be practiced and
nurtured. That is why I am excited to share with you how to take your innate
ability to dream and let it be used as a channel to access profound insights,
guidance and healing.

If you would like to organize a
a gathering for your area, I
would love to hear from you.
We can work together to
create a class or workshop that
meet the needs of your group.
Everyone Can Do It!
Dreams: A Way To Listen To Spirit
                          During our time together we will use teaching, reflection and experiential exercises to:

  • Explore historic and modern day use of dreams as a means to reach spiritual consciousness.
  • Learn the 7 types of spiritual dreams and how they differ from regular dreams so you can identify what
    dreams are messages from the Spirit.
  • Develop a dream practice that nurtures and promotes deep insights and profound healing.
  • Gain knowledge of how to remember dreams, interpret messages and apply them to your life.
  • Expand the use of your dreams to be an instrument of divine inspiration and healing for others.

                You will leave with tools and practices to increase the quality of your dreams so they become
                                                         the gateway to receiving guidance and healing.
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Awakening Through Dreams and Visions
In this recording I describe the qualities of
a spiritual dream and the benefits you will
receive if you allow your dreams to be
used as a channel for communicating with
the Spirit.