Lent Practices
Good Friday          One Hour Audio Recordings
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The Christian season of Lent is based on the time when Jesus went into the desert for forty days and nights and was tempted by
the devil. As he prayed and fasted to gain clarity, he chose time and time again between the ego's offerings and God's. Lent is
now a time we reenact this experience, avoiding temptations to listen to the ego and giving up the words and actions that come
from this listening in order to be ready to receive the gift of awareness of our true nature.

If we used this idea as a backdrop for Lent, we as Course students can partake in this traditional Christian season in a whole new
way. We can use this time to release any beliefs that contradict the truth and practice accepting and experiencing our true nature
and our connection to God. Any one of the workbook lessons will aid in this but in honor of Lent, I have put together 5 weekly
devotions, readings and prayers to help us release the false and bring awareness to the Kingdom of Heaven within. During this
season of Lent
let us leave our false ideas behind as we go forward advancing towards Love's true meaning.
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Meditation- Healing the Guilt of Good Friday (27 minutes)  
Ref: "Three Magic Words"  Andersen  Music: Dueter- Kindred Spirit)
A Course in Miracles Interpretation of Easter