Thoughts that Illuminate

I Can’t Believe There is Another Way to See This!

Have you ever seen a “Magic Eye” book?  At first glance each page appears to be a pattern of shapes and
colors. If someone did not tell you there was something else to see you most likely would look at the page
and say, “So what? It’s a bunch of colors and shapes on a page.”  You are asked to look again but this time
with the understanding there is something else to see.   As you relax your focus and open up your mind, out
pops a whole 3-D picture! It’s amazing to experience the sudden shift in what you are seeing.  This book
illustrates an important teaching from ACIM on perception. We are walking around looking at a flat page of
colors and shapes thinking that is all there is to see. The whole time we are seeing this world there is a
whole 3-D world just waiting to be discovered. This 3-D world is what the Course refers to as the Real
world. If we choose to “see” the Real world we will be walking around saying,
“What loveliness (I) look upon
today! What holiness (I) see surrounding (me)!” “All things are at peace” (W.#291.1:4)  

In any given situation we can ask ourselves this: are we seeing a flat page of colors and shapes or are we
seeing the 3-D picture full of love, holiness and peace?  You may think it is impossible to see some things
differently and be tempted to believe that what you are looking at is all there is to see.  To help loosen your
grip on this, I would like to share with you a teaching I was given that strengthened my faith that there really
is a 3-D world all around us.

I was coming out of a restaurant and a man appeared from around the corner walking briskly toward me.  
He approached me and said he was driving with his daughter and they ran out of gas.  They were parked in
the Home Depot lot and needed to buy a gas can in order to go to the gas station to fill up the tank.  Could
I spare a few dollars?  At this moment I heard an inner voice say,
“Tell him you will go with him and purchase it
for him”.
(This was my first ignoring of the Holy Spirit’s guidance). Without hesitation I pulled out all the
money I had and gave it to him. As I was handing him the money, I heard for a second time an inner voice
“Give him your sandwich”. (I responded to this prompting by arguing saying that he would be insulted if I
did that. *at this point I believed his story) He thanked me and said “God bless”. I walked to my car and
noticed that he didn’t go in the direction of Home Depot but into the restaurant.  Up until now, my inner
experience was one of helpfulness. But as I watched him walk into the restaurant and then out again and in
the opposite direction of Home Depot, I felt a fury rise in me that was indescribable.I was enraged that I
was taken advantage of and lied to.  

As I gripped the steering wheel I had a moment of insane thinking: I would race my car over to him, cut him
off at the light and scream at him for what he had done.  This was so intense that I literally had to sit on my
hands so I wouldn’t take that plan of action.  I took deep breaths all the way home.  Because of my training
with the Course I knew that I was only seeing the colors and shapes of a picture and as a result I was
suffering from what I perceived just happened.  I asked for help in seeing the 3-D world of love, peace and
joining.  It seemed there was no other way to see this, but I mustered up faith that with a little willingness I
would see “loveliness and holiness surrounding me everywhere” (the 3-D Real world). Here is the teaching
from the Holy Spirit.

“You want to live in the Real world and yet you cannot release this appearance (of a homeless man) and
what was done to you.  (Because of this) you deny yourself access to seeing the Real world. I sent you
someone today. He is God’s holy Son who believes he has to lie to get his basic needs met.  Notice just now
how he came to your mind as a homeless man and you are focused on this shape. (Soften your focus and)
see God’s Son. He is a brother in need- The help he needs is to remember that God
is loving. When a
brother asks for money he is really asking for love. He can receive the message of love in the giving of
money. The money is nothing but the giving of love is everything to him. Let all his illusions and yours stand
corrected with the truth of both of you. I was meeting his perceived need through you so he can
experience the love of God. I was meeting your desire to see only truth (Real world) by showing you an
appearance that is utterly false.”

At this moment I remembered the promptings from the Holy Spirit regarding buying the gas can for him
and giving him the sandwich.  I asked about these.  He responded that if I had offered to buy the gas can I
would immediately see that he felt he had to make the story up in order to get a basic need met.  Staying
connected to the Holy Spirit’s guidance I would see that he suffered from his own feelings of unworthiness.  
The most loving response to this would be to meet his need and then some…by offering all my money and a
sandwich (which he did not ask for) he would learn of his worthiness to have all his needs met because God
loves him and cares for him.  

“It’s never too late for a miracle.  At first you used this as a witness to your guilt and failure and excuse to
attack; now you have accepted the truth.  Carry him in your mind as a reminder of the truth behind all
appearances and be grateful to him who taught you that appearances are not what they seem.  If you want
to see the Real world lay down your judgment of appearances and I will show you the love exchange that
happens between all of God’s Sons.”

Would you like to see a 3-D world come alive before your every eyes?  It is easy.  First have faith there is
something else to see. Second, be willing to lay down your judgment of appearances. Third, soften your
focus and open your mind.  With these 3 simple steps you will come to realize there is no “magic” to seeing

Written by: Patti Fields