Thoughts that Illuminate

Let Freedom Ring
Written by:  Patti Fields

Many years ago, I had become frustrated and unhappy with my life. For years, I tried to find peace and
happiness by demanding that others behave differently, by changing the world, and by trying to fight against
the outside forces that seemed out to get me.  After years of dealing with life’s challenges in this way, I gave up
hope that I would ever find the way to get the outside world to meet my need for happiness and peace.  When I
realized Idid not have the answers, I sought counseling.  

During a session, there was a pivotal moment that would change my life. When sharing my frustrations I had an
epiphany. I said to the counselor, “I am realizing that
they may never be able to change and the world may
never be able to give me what I need. I don’t want to fight this battle anymore.” The counselor, shifting in his
chair, asked the question that would turn my seeking in a whole new direction.  He asked, “What is it that you
do want then?”  Without hesitation and with the tears of someone who had come to the end of her rope, I
responded, “I just want to be free!”

What I meant by these words was that I wanted to be free of being at the mercy of the world and others. I
wanted to be free to love no matter what the other person was doing or experiencing.  I wanted to be free to
be at peace no matter what was happening around me.  I had no idea how to be free, but I knew I wanted to
find a way.

What I learned since that day in the counselor’s office is that the path of the spiritual warrior is not to fight the
battle out in the world, but to be brave enough to go within the mind where the conflict is. I learned that to
expose and release all the thoughts and beliefs that were imprisoning my mind was the way to be free. I learned
that to accept the truth about my Self, gave me freedom from pain, fear and suffering. I learned that within my
mind was a treasure house full of the gifts from God. And by claiming these gifts, I had everything I needed.

Are you growing weary of trying to find happiness and peace outside in the world?  Do you want to be free?  If
so, ring the bell for freedom by letting go of the need for the world “out there” to set you free and go within to
the only place where you will find true freedom. It’s not “the
world will set you free”, nor “others will set you
free”, but “The
truth will set you free”. When you discover this truth about your Self, you will be free forever:
you are  a holy child of God--a child of Pure Light.  “
There is nothing else that (you) could ever really want to
find.  What else could (you) desire but the truth about (yourself)
?” (W.#231.3)  

What I was asking for that day in the counselor’s office was the freedom to be happy and at peace without the
world dictating to me if and when it might happen. It was my day of independence from the world and
dependence on God. You can make any day, the day of your independence ---the day you no longer depend on
the world for your happiness, but on the truth to set you free. Ring the bell for freedom by asking for another
way to find what you are looking for.

The Holy Spirit always hears the ringing of the bell and He knows exactly how to respond to your call.  Listen and
let Him Guide you to where you need to go to be free.  Give your journey into His Loving Care and He will lead
you away from the outside world and inward to true life, liberty and happiness.