Thoughts that Illuminate

Make Room for a Miracle

Yesterday my family heard what appears to be devastating news.  The news involved a young man, a heart, a
virus attack, a loss of income, loss of normalcy, and possible loss of life.  As I heard the news I became
increasingly aware of a shift of my inner state.  Just moments before and for days previous, I had
experienced unwavering peace, and seconds later after hearing the news I felt rattled, unnerved, anxious and
fearful.  From my past learning I knew the change from peace to fear came about, not from the news itself
but from my belief in what my body’s eyes and ears were reporting.  My decision to rest my “eyes” on the
form of a man, a heart, a virus and death and then judge it as very real and very true was the cause of my
suffering.  Although I have learned this in the past with my work with A Course In Miracles, in this situation
it did seem very real and very true. Going to bed last night I asked the Holy Spirit to teach me about how to
deny the false and accept the true even in the midst of something as seemingly real as a heart condition and
possible death.  

I would like to share the teachings given to me that are really meant for all of us because we all “see” many
forms of devastation that seem to be the truth about the world and ourselves. I call these teachings the
three W's.  
Who do you trust to guide your seeing? Where are you putting your faith? What is it that you
desire? The Holy Spirit began with the first of the three W's…..
Who do you trust?

This teaching came to me in a dream. I found myself in the presence of an old boyfriend whom I had a deep
connection with.  We always shared an unspoken feeling of deep trust, love and safety.  As soon as I saw him
in my dream I completely surrendered to these feelings. It was effortless and natural because he was
trustworthy. He said, “Follow me; I want to show you something.” Without giving it any thought I began to
follow. The man symbolized to me what trust felt like, how easy and natural it was for me to surrender and
trust someone who is trustworthy. It reminded me of the feeling a young child would have who holds the
hand of her father while going through a carnival house of mirrors trusting he would not lead her into
anything that would hurt her.  When I awoke I realized at once the message from the Holy Spirit.  I was
asked to trust Him to lead me where I needed to go for the truth; trust that truth is true even when I don’
t see it and trust that He does see it and will show me.  I now could answer the first of the three W's.
do you trust to take you where you want to go?  I effortlessly and naturally trust the Holy Spirit.

The second of the three W's; ‘
Where are you putting your faith?’ came to me this morning as I asked for a
reading from ACIM. “It is impossible that the Son of God lack faith, but he can choose where he would have
it be.” (T.21.III.5:1) The Holy Spirit was asking;
"Where are you putting your faith? In the visible form that brings
pictures of devastation or in the invisible spirit that flows with the gift of life in every person and every thing?"  
other words, was I giving my faith to illusions or to truth? Was I putting my confidence and trust in only
what my body’s eyes could see and hear and making the decision that must be what is true? Faith is the wind
beneath the wings of perception. It carries our mind to see what we have faith is there to see.  If I have
confidence and trust in the visible form this will be what carries the wings of perception and the visible form
is what I will see. But if I have faith in what I cannot yet see and do not yet understand, my wings will fly past
the visible form to the truth of what is really there. Where am I putting my faith? I put my faith in truth; still
invisible but the power of faith will carry my vision to what I want to see.

The last of the three W's; ‘
What is it that you desire?’ surprised me for it seemed that I had already stated
my desire to release this form of devastation.  Having been led to give trust and have faith, it seemed all that
was left was to take a simple step to receive a miracle of changed perception.  But there was one more
block to the present moment “when vain imaginings part like a curtain to reveal what lies beyond them.”  
What this question of desire was really asking was this; ‘what world do you really want?’  Here is the razor’s
edge that we walk when we are asked to desire only truth.  We may wholly desire this particular form of
devastation to go away, but we may not desire other forms of the illusion to go with it.  If I have the desire
to let go of seeing my brother as sick, but still desire to hold onto my role as a teacher, my aspirations of
success, or anything else I “value” here, than my desire is not made whole and the focus stays on visible
form. If I desire to see my brother as the holy Son of God but still desire to see his choice to be separate as
real and having real consequences than the truth stays behind the curtain.  An open curtain can reveal what
is behind it, but it only opens if you will let go of wanting what stands in front of it. “…let go of all the things
you think you want. Your trifling treasures put away…..for the treasure of salvation.”  Could it be that I was
still holding on to a desire for the trinkets of this world? Was I still desiring to see a choice for separation as
real and having real consequences.  If so, then my desire was split between wanting both worlds.  When the
Holy Spirit asked, “What is it that you desire? What world do you really want?”  I was being asked to bring
my full desire to rest on what lies behind the curtain not in front.  “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven,
because that is where the laws of God operate truly” (T.7.IV.7:1) is a statement of desire. Seek first God
and truth before seeking for anything in this world.  Desire only this and the curtain will open and reveal to
you the gifts of the Kingdom.

We all have our own set of illusions that call to us screaming “I am real”. You know which ones they are
because they seem to hold your mind in its grip claiming “this one” cannot possibly be false.  If we “want to
exchange all suffering for joy this very day” we must make room for a miracle by answering the three Ws.  

Who do you trust to guide your seeing?
Where are you putting your faith?
What is it that you desire?  

If you
trust the Holy Spirit, put your faith in what lies beyond visible form and desire only Heaven, than you
have given your consent and acceptance for the curtain to open.  What will be revealed is only love “while
nothing to be feared remains.”  

After receiving this teaching I was filled with gratitude to the Holy Spirit for this gentle and loving response
to my distress call.  He taught me how to make room for a miracle. Today has been a day of peace as I
practice giving trust, faith and desire.  If you are caught in the grips of an illusion that is calling out to be seen
as true, picture the Holy Spirit holding out His Hand while He says, “Follow me I want to show you
something”.  He only asks for you to give your trust, your faith and your desire so that He may lead you to

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Written by: Patti Fields