Recordings work best if you pause the recording and let it load for a few minutes, then begin listening.  
June 22, 2016   "Enter The Space Where Healing Can Happen"
During our time together, we were guided in two meditations. The first meditation we practiced breathing in and breathing out,
focusing our awareness on what we wanted to bring into our experience and what we wanted to let go of. In the second meditation,
we affirmed the Presence of Light even in the midst of darkness as we were led to look at what we are struggling with and let it go
into the Light. We gave our willingness to listen and then sat in stillness with an open mind to receive any Answers the Spirit
wanted to give to us.
(Forward to the minute mark to begin.)
July 6, 2016   "Put Your Baggage Down"
When we have thoughts that are disturbing or emotions that are strong we feel powerless to choose again. In our first meditation
we learned to move our awareness from one thing to another just by our will and desire thus remembering the power we have at
all times to choose. We were then guided through a focusing technique that helped us look without judgment at the baggage we
are carrying and ended with an uplifting meditation to gain insights and answers.
(Begin at minute 1.15.)
July 20, 2016   "Practice Going Inward As A First Response To Upset"
During the first meditation we created a state where we felt relaxed, centered, safe and loved.  While in this state we asked Spirit to
inspire us with a sacred word that symbolized the Presence of God.  We used this symbol in the second meditation to direct our
will to connect with the Divine Presence and to yield to Divine action.
August 3, 2016   Actively Reach Out To Greet The Divine
Meditation is not passive but active. We practiced using our thought, feeling and will to actively reach out and make direct contact
with the Indwelling Presence in order to receive messages, insights, healing, direction and Divine feelings and then learn how to
express this Divine energy in the world.  NOTE: I forgot to stop the music so you will hear the music playing in the background until
minute 42.  There are some teachings that may be worth listening to even though the music is playing. The final meditation is
easier to participate in because the music is turned off.
August 17, 2016   Put on Your Spiritual Coat
Healing occurs when we join with the light and love of God. In this state of consciousness fear is transformed to love,
powerlessness gives way to strength, confusion is replaced with clarity. To reach this higher level of awareness we joined in "The
Name of God Meditation" (ACIM #183 and #184) which is also called "Japa" or "Centering Prayer". In this form of meditation we
repeat the name of God over and over at the exclusion of everything else as a way to move our awareness to the light of God.
During our second meditation, we used guided imagery to travel to a place deep within to ask Spirit a question and to receive an
August 31, 2016   Living in Grace Consciousness
Together we opened to a deeper understanding of the word "Grace" and learned of the power of Grace to lift us out of the muck to a
higher level of experience. For our first meditation we listened to the song "By Thy Grace" and let the power of the music help us to
see the presence of Grace in our lives. During our second meditation, we journeyed into our minds to take a good look at our
problems with the intention of moving beyond them. We then let Grace move us through what seemed like insurmountable
obstacles, to a place filled with light, love, answers and healing.  
PLEASE NOTE: For the first meditation click on this link for better
sound quality of "By Thy Grace".  After meditating forward to minute 27.16 to continue with 2nd meditation.
25 seconds of silence at the beginning.