Relationship Class Held on January 19, 2014

Relationship Class Held on February 13, 2010
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Relationships can be the ego’s playground or the Holy Spirit’s healing garden, depending on the purpose we have
given them.  Our relationships seem to vacillate between ego driven goals which result in confusion and conflict and
the goal of truly joining together in unity and peace.  How can we be more consistent in choosing peace instead of
conflict; unity instead of separation?  The Course teaches that our awareness of the purpose assigned in any given
moment, the willingness to change our purpose and the tools to release our projections and heal our guilt will result in
true communion with each other and with God.  

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to learn of the ways in which our relationships can serve salvation’s plan; not just
through our intimate partners but through all of our relationships… the bus driver, boss, parent, child, friend, neighbor,
co-worker; former partner. Because we project our hidden guilt and sins onto them they are the mirror for us to see
clearly all that we are trying to hide.  And because they are a holy Son of God, they can also show us a reflection of
our True Identity.  “He (your brother) is the way, the truth and life that shows the way to us. In him resides salvation,
offered us through our forgiveness, given unto him” (Final Lessons.Intro.4:4).  

There is so much beautiful learning that can happen in our relationships, but it takes a change in purpose and a
commitment to innocence, which is not something we are use to.  Here are a few resources and teachings to support
your change in purpose and your commitment to be in relationship in a whole new way.