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Questions and Answers
Dear Friends,

As travelers on a spiritual journey, we know the gifts of our study are received when we are willing to apply
its teachings in our daily life. Yet, have you ever been confused how to do this when situations, events, or
struggles are difficult or the teachings seem so radical that it is challenging to use them? I have had courageous
students ask the hard questions when faced with this type of confusion. This book provides the answers that
came through from Spirit.

To make the most of this resource consider a slow, careful, reflective study of the answers. Take a question
that really resonates with you and contemplate how you might apply this answer to your own situation. This
is how Spirit's answers lead to real qualitative change in your life.

Thank you to all who asked and thank you to the Holy Spirit who always answers the prayers of our heart.
Application of A Course in Miracles in Daily Life