Below are audio recordings of the teachings done at group meetings.   This group also has a discussion regarding
the understanding and application of workbook lessons.  This segment is not recorded in order to allow for more
personal discussion and sharing.

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Thanksgiving:  Gratitude is saying thank you for a blessing. Can the ego get ahold of gratitude to
promote guilt and separation?  You bet it can!  With a desire to be in a state of true thankfulness
and gratitude this holiday, we take a close look at how we can use gratitude as an expression of
unity and guiltlessness. We talk about what we are really thankful for from a Course perspective
and end with a Prayer of thankfulness to our Creator .
*Is your peace being disturbed? Do you want to have a different experience than the one your
having? Let's take a look at your perception of it.  We go through a process using an example in
your own life to heal your perception.
Study Group Audio Recordings
*World is not cause and you are not at the mercy of its effects.  *Discussion of miracles and
miracle impulses. (W.#15-18 and T.I.VII)
*(T.2.I) Adam & Eve - symbolic story of the separation. *If we have problems than you can be sure
we hold these 4 beliefs.  *How does answering the question; "who am I" solve our
*How to practice the workbook. *What can I expect to gain from my practice?
*What is "Atonement"? -It's not what you think! *Is denial ever a good thing?
*I've searched my mind for false what? *(T.2.II) Miracles defend the truth of What you
are. *Evolution; not from sinner to saint but from Holiness to forgetfulness back to Holiness
(T.2.III) *What's on your altar? Are you devoted to separated thoughts; consider sacred your
identity;  worship your 'rights' as an individual? Allow these statues to crumble so you can be free
Recording #4
Length: 56 Min.
Recording #5
Length: 39 Min.
*Your not who you think you are! Let go of what you believe defines 'you'; your role, your good and
bad attributes, your successes and failures and embrace the Real You.  *My experience with
Mother Meera
*A Course in Miracles' perspective on the 'Financial Crisis". Feeling vulnerable? Seeing the world
as unsafe? Confused as to what to do?  The Course addresses this outer experience by
addressing who you think you are
*Addressing the fear that if we join with God we will cease to exist.  This audio includes a
peaceful visualization (5 min.) that takes our mind inward to meet this True Self.  
Recording #6
Length: 22 Min.
Recording #8
Length: 40 Min.
Recording #7
Length: 69 Min.
Recording # 9
Length: 51 Min.
Are you afraid? What monsters are you seeing?  Sickness, lack, loss, death? We discuss
Lesson #48 and talk about what to do when fear comes up.  Included is a peaceful, guided
meditation to look at the thing we fear in the light. (5 min. at the beginning)
Click               for an  more in-depth look at fear
Recording #10
Length: 17 Min.
Do you hold a grievance against someone?  Has someone hurt you, attacked you, taken
something from you? The Course teaches we must not hold one grievance if we are to be free.  
In this audio we go through a
meditation that helps us release our brother from the chains of our
Recording #11
Length: 5 min.
Recording #12
Length: 29 Min.
Recording #13
Length: 34 Min.
Christmas:  Our traditional understanding of Christmas and the ways in which we celebrate are
reinterpreted in this teaching from A Course in Miracles. We learn the true meaning of the birth of
Christ, the relationship of Jesus to us and how we too can make the great discovery that he
made during his earthly life; the discovery of the altar within where our true holiness abides.  "Is
he the Christ? O yes, along with you." There is a beautiful song at the end that gently leads us
into a silent meditation.  
 W. #303 has a beautiful prayer to say on  Christmas morning.
Recording #2
Length 45 Min.
Recording #3
Length 57 Min.