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To hear God's Voice is to be at peace. To hear God's Voice is to have all of our problems solved. And yet, every Course student
at one time or another has been frustrated because they do not consistently hear the Voice that we are told is speaking to us
all through the day. In theory it sounds wonderful that we have God's Voice constantly communicating thoughts and feelings
direct from Heaven within, but in experience, it seems the wires get crossed more times than we would like to admit. Why
does there seem to be a short in the circuit when we WANT to hear His Voice?
I Have no Cause for Anger or for Fear.
Anger and fear are the two most common emotions and the reasons for them are endless and seem to be without a remedy.
We try to fix the problem by manipulating the outside world in some way. At best this works temporarily and at worst it does
not work to at all!  The reason we are not free of anger and fear is NOT because they cannot be eradicated. It is because we
are not dealing with them at their cause.
Resolving Conflict
Recently the hottest news item was the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign, where the “have-nots” protested against the “haves”
to draw attention to the conflict that exists between the winners and the losers. This conflict is no different than other
conflicts we see on the screen of our dream; countries at war, nature vs. man; businesses, neighbors, friends, families; all in
conflict. No matter how much we try to get along, perceptions are still varied, opinions are in opposition, differences divide us,
judgments are made, and those who believe they are right stand against those who believe they are right.  Why is it that
conflict still remains our experience despite the efforts to get along?  Because we are not resolving the conflict where it is!  
When you are Frightened; Surrender
A Spiritual practice consists of one central idea:  Accept that only what God Creates is true.  Seems simple enough until you
open your eyes in the morning and your world presents itself in living color! There are so many pictures that terrify us and
when fear hits, it is easy to forget this one simple practice.  The hardest thing to remember in these moments is to call on truth
as the only thing you need do.  If we are gripped in fear the first thing we usually do is scream and run.
What is the Goal of your Spiritual Journey?
A mystic’s life is devoted to the pursuit of the spirit, rather than an intellectual understanding of the teaching. They yearn for a
deep realization of the Divine and want to move beyond belief to direct experience. Their single desire and only goal is to
Know God. Is not a mystics' goal, our goal when picking up A Course in Miracles or any other spiritual path? At first we may
not recognize this as our goal.  Mostly we just want a way out of pain and fear and our solutions have ceased to work. But as
we begin to seek God for help we eventually open up to a deeper yearning of our heart.
When we decide to walk the path of A Course in Miracles to find a spiritual solution to the darkness of the world, we discover
the direction we are asked to go is inside, where love, peace and safety abide.  A Course in Miracles teaches that as the
dreamer, you hold the dream within your mind. Therefore ALL healing lies in the mind because the ideas that make up the
dream are in the mind; along with the world that shape-shifts the content of the mind into form. So we begin ACIM with a
promise of peace and go happily within to find it, until we discover and are frightened by what else is within our mind …..
darkened thoughts of guilt, fear and hatred that obscure the Love and innocence that we are trying to reach.  
How can I be Innocent? Look What I Have Done!
Are you feeling guilty about something you did?   First let me say that you are not alone in experiencing guilt. Although your
story may have different characters, plot line and backdrop, in all of our stories of guilt we believe:  we are guilty because we
were unloving either to ourselves or others, we caused hurt and pain (or even death), and/or others have suffered because of
our mistakes. These stories also share deeply rooted beliefs that we are unlovable, unworthy, or flawed, along with many
variations of our attempts to undo the hurts of the past.
If you Want a Miracle, Turn Off Your Five Senses
In some spiritual teachings our identity is described as a mix of ego and holiness, body and spirit; sinner and saint. These
teachings attempt to blend our True Self with the self that we see and experience. The teachings try to find reconciliation with
the Self we believe we are and the self we experience.  In theory we may believe we are spirit created in God’s likeness, but
our experience With our five senses constantly witnessing to the existence of a separated self, is it any wonder we conclude
we must be both? How can we possibly know again what we are when our experience of a false self is so strong and
everything we see, taste, smell, touch or hear witness to this false self?
How will the World End? (Thoughts about the recent news story on the rapture.)
‘The Rapture’, a biblical term for the end of the world and the second coming of Jesus, was going to occur  Saturday, May 21,
2011. What does ACIM say about how the world will end?   "The end of the world is not its destruction, but its translation into
Heaven." And we all have a part to play in the world's reawakening. In this article we explore a practice that ushers in a new
world of peace, harmony and love.
This will Give me Everything I Want
In this moment as you are reading this; what is it that you want? Your mind may first rest on something external such as a job,
a relationship, money to pay the bills, health etc. But if you closely examine these things, you will realize that what you are
really asking for is an experience; the form is merely something that you believe will bring about that experience. Change the
question from "What is it that I want” to ” What it that I want to experience?", and you will move away from form to content;
toward what it is you are really searching for.
A Practice to use When Others are in Fear
T.28.IV The Greater Joining addresses what to do when we are with others who are struggling with fear, or experiencing pain or
attacking etc. When you are with someone who is experiencing any form the dream of fear and guilt might take, we can take
responsibility for: #1. What is occurring in our mind and #2. What we want to experience (separation (fear) or oneness (love).
When There is Pain and Suffering, I am in Need of Nothing but the Truth?
We can all agree that healing is needed where there is pain and suffering. The presence of pain in any form- whether it is
physical, emotional or just plain old fear-is an indicator that there is a need for help and healing. Once this is recognized we can
be lead astray in using the part of our mind that is sick (ego) to assess the problem and to find a solution.
How To Console Others Who Are Suffering
A few months ago, there was an incident where a young boy was killed by a drunk driver. The friend of the mother of this
young boy was writing to a group of Course teachers asking for our support and suggestions on how to console the mother.  As
I was going within to ask for clarity on how to comfort others who are in pain, a memory flashed into my mind. I was
reminded of the time when I was the one suffering and had asked Holy Spirit to comfort me. His answer was a Great Comfort
and so I felt inspired to share His soothing vision with this friend.  Here is my response to her question.
What will Ease my Fear?
If you are feeling fear, no doubt you can link it to an event or situation happening in your life.  At first glance, the cause and
effect relationship between the world and your fear is this: the scary world comes first and your fear soon follows.  Believing
this, you try to contain your fear by changing or controlling what is happening in the world.  Have you noticed that regardless
of your effort to manage fear, the fear still remains?  The reason the fear is still in your mind is clear when you understand the
true cause and effect relationship between the world and your mind.
An Ego Temper-Tantrum
Recently, I experienced a major rebellion to releasing the self-concept and practicing the Course. There was nothing little about
it. It was a tantrum -the good old fashion two-year old kind - where you refuse to budge and scream in rage over what “they”
are trying to get you to do.  Why share these thoughts with you?  In reading my account, I hope you can gain confidence that
you need not hide anything from Holy Spirit. To uncover our inner most thoughts and beliefs can seem terrifying, but the way
out is not through projecting them onto others or hiding them in our unconscious. The way out is through awareness,
nonresistance and a willingness to let them go.  Although the ego speaks the loudest and sometimes for a very long time,
these thoughts do not represent our real thoughts or desire. This is what I discovered and the tantrum gave way to great joy.
Messages Show up in the Most Unexpected Places!
Recently I received an e-mail from a friend who shared with me a story that I just had to pass along to you!  It symbolizes so
many wonderful teachings of ACIM, but the one that comes to mind is the teaching that whatever we focus our mind on and
desire picture of the fortune that was tucked inside the cookie.  Enjoy!  
When Something Seems Unforgivable   
This world is full of pictures that seem unforgivable and yet the Course teaches there are no order of difficulties in miracles.  
Nothing stands apart from the miracle unless we purposely hold it apart because we decide "it" is unforgivable.  What is our
their guilt, denies us our freedom as well.   I had an experience with this teaching that opened up an opportunity for Holy Spirit
to show me the reason why we are always innocent and made it perfectly clear why it is in my best interest to ask for the
realization of innocence no matter what I see or experience.
                                                                                                          Thank you Barb for this beautiful illustration
What Can I Learn from This?    
Have you been frustrated with the healing process? Does it seem that although you ask for a miracle nothing is happening?  
Do doing it wrong or worse, there is no one hearing your distress calls?  This article is a teaching that came from a question I
asked Holy Spirit; "When a miracle does not occur what has gone wrong?"  This teaching restored my faith in the healing
process. With just a few slight adjustments, I was back on track to miracles.  
Do Not Doubt God. Doubt What You Believe   
Do you look at the world and doubt there is a God? Do you see a world of hate, attack, death and sickness and  doubt God's
Love and your perfection?  Let’s not use the world as a reason to doubt our Father’s Love. Let us use the world to see what it is
that needs correcting in our own minds, and thereby set it free so that it will become a reflection of our Father’s Love. In the
purification of our mind, we bear witness to the truth of our Father and our Self and thus uphold the commandment; "Be ye
perfect even as your Father which is in Heaven is perfect". Matthew 5:48
The Practice of Forgiveness
50 Lessons my Inner Teacher Taught Me  
Lessons of love that release fear and guilt are truly worth celebrating. On my 50th birthday, I would like to honor this
wonderful learning by sharing with you the lessons my Inner Teacher (Holy Spirit) taught me and continues to teach me.  I will
admit the process of learning and unlearning is not always easy, but when the lesson is learned there is amazing joy. If you feel
so inspired to take on the learning of these lessons, I know they will bring you great joy as well.
You Know You Have Had a Successful Practice When:  
A major component of A Course in Miracles is the practice of its principles.  As a you commit to your practice, it is common for
doubt and confusion to seep in. To encourage and motivate you to keep practicing and thereby increase your opportunities for
more peace and joy in your life; I have listed a few of the guidelines for measuring success.  Evaluate your practice according to
this list and you will see what a great student you are!  
Answers to Basic Questions About Subconscious Beliefs   
Recently I was interviewed by a psychology student whose assignment was to explore how the subconscious mind effects our
perceptions and behaviors.  The answers I gave provide a clear, concise overview of ACIM's teachings regarding the mind's
power  and how the subconscious mind influences our experience.
Why Can't I Hear the Holy Spirit?
Don't be Afraid to Look Within
ACIM places a heavy emphasis on the practice of forgiveness. In fact, it teaches that forgiveness is the path to enlightenment.
But with an ingrained false definition of forgiveness embedded in our minds, we can get very confused as to what exactly we
are suppose to "do" when practicing forgiveness.  In this article there are quotes that point to the true meaning of forgiveness
and a step-by-step process that clarifies ACIM's meaning of a  forgiveness practice.