Thoughts That Illuminate

If a Problem Occurs, Who Ya Gonna Call?

Yesterday was “one of those days”. A day where sadness slowly creped into my awareness and a large
gloomy cloud seemed to be hovering over me. I did notice early on in the day there was a slight problem
but as the day went on it began to gain momentum as my thoughts traveled even further into the dark.  I
wondered where these thoughts were coming from, what did it mean in terms of healing, and how could I
release these thoughts that were the cause of my despair?  After  I had spent much of my quiet time in this
way, all of a sudden it dawned on me that even though I was looking at my problems from a spiritual
I was still “thinking” about my problem and trying to solve it myself. And we all know what
that means…..I had tried to solve the problem with the ego (the ego is the belief I am an individual self that
can solve my own problems).  After realizing this I invited the Holy Spirit into my awareness to help me
solve this problem of my despair.  I did not get immediate relief and I asked why after making the decision
to invite Him in I was not connecting to guidance and peace? We’ve all been here haven’t we?  We first try
to solve our problems in our own way and when they become too big for us to solve on our own we reach
for the phone to call the Holy Spirit in to help; only to find that we can’t get through.  If you have had this
experience maybe the guidance I received will be helpful to you.  

I had a dream that night that I was in a hotel room and there was a cuckoo clock on the wall.  It worked
perfectly fine, with the time passing by and the bird sending off its song that yet another hour had passed.  I
heard a dripping sound that was coming from the front of the clock. It was small at first but than began to
stream instead of drip. I found myself thinking of all the possibilities that could be the problem, and how I
could fix it or at least try to minimize the damage. I began putting lots of pots under the water in hopes
that it would stop.  But then the stream became a gush and I knew the problem was beyond my expertise.
(Isn’t this just how our problems seem to occur? A minor annoyance, a slight feeling of sadness becomes a
larger stream of problems and bigger gushes of despair.)  I reached for the phone in the hotel room
thinking I would call the front desk. But the buttons were blurry and I could not see what button to push.  I
was frustrated because I had decided to make the call but didn’t know how to get through for help.

This dream had mirrored the situation the day before.  I could see how I had made the decision to invite
the Holy Spirit to help me (the decision to call the front desk).  And the Holy Spirit was right there on the
other end of the line ready and willing to respond to the invite(the front desk waiting to be of service to
the guests). But I still didn’t know what button to push that would connect my wanting help and His wanting
to give help. What was the missing link? This phrase came to my mind;
“I do not know what anything, including
this, means. And so I do not know how to respond to it. And I will not use my own past learning as the light to guide
me now.” (T.14.XI.6:7-9)
 Of course! Hadn’t I just spent hours the day before deciding and judging what was
going on? With this phrase I was guided to remember that without releasing the mind of its thoughts about
what is happening there is no room for truth to enter.  Although I had made the invitation to Him, I had
invited too many other guests to the party (in the form of judgments and meaning) and there was no room
for Him to enter. The fastest way to clear the room of the many guests that occupied my mind was to
admit I know nothing! That’s it.  That’s all I had to do…Send out the invitation
and make room to receive
my Guest.  

Do you feel you are reaching for the phone to call the Holy Spirit in times of distress?  If so, you have sent
out the invitation.  Now the question you must ask is; are you willing to admit you know nothing and have
no idea what anything means in order to make room for the Guest to come?  If you are, be prepared for a
quick and swift answer, because there is no distance for the Answer to travel. Your Guest is right outside
the door, waiting patiently to bring you a gift.  And
“By this refusal to attempt to teach  yourself what you do not
know, the Guide Whom God has given you will speak to you.” (T.14.XI.6:1)
  Do we not “attempt to teach
ourselves” all the time? I had just spent hours the day before doing just that.  Let’s resist the temptation to
believe the ego knows anything and can teach us anything. Only then are we willing to admit we do not
know what anything means.  

In times of fear, pain and trial miracles are waiting for you.  Here are the simple steps to take: notice you
have a problem, don’t try to solve it yourself, call for help, and admit you know nothing!  Admitting you
know nothing is the most challenging part. But remember this:
“Whenever you fully realize that you know not,
peace will return, for you will have invited Him to do so by abandoning the ego on behalf of Him. Call not upon the
ego for anything;
it is only this that you need do. The Holy Spirit will, of Himself, fill every mind that so makes
room for Him.” (T.14.XI.13:4-6)

Written by: Patti Fields