Thoughts that Illuminate
You Cannot Fail

Over the past month or so I have been uncovering a deep-seeded belief in failure. Although I
saw how this transferred into many experiences of my life, I was lead to see that ultimately the
deeply-rooted belief that was blocking healing was my belief that after all of this spiritual work,
in the end I am going to fail.  Maybe some of you have had this same belief or ones similar: “I will
never get this”, “I don’t have a clue what I’m doing”, “and I will fail to wake up”. If you have been
here, you can attest to the complete devastation that comes when believing these thoughts.  As
convincing as these thoughts are, do not believe them! For you are closer than you think to the
acceptance of truth. We can see this in the intensity in which the ego is coming out in full-force
to save its life!  I would like to share with you how the Holy Spirit guided me to let go of this
idea of failure, in hopes that you too will see that you cannot fail to make the final choice to
recognize the truth of Who you are.

It all began one evening while watching a scene in the movie “I Heart Huckabees”.  Dustin
Hoffman and Lily Tomlin- existential detectives who specialize in finding the universal
interconnectivity of all things, were having a discussion with Jude Law – a marketing executive in
a ‘Walmart’ type chain store, who hired the detectives to find the connection and meaning
behind all the trouble in his life.  After a few weeks of observation, they presented this answer
to him, “You are just not being your Self”.  Agitated that this was their answer after weeks of
detective work, he exclaimed in frustration, “How can I not be myself?!!!”  The detectives
looked at each other with a sparkle in their eye and began to repeat his question back to him.
can you not be your Self?”  “How can you not be your Self?”, “How can you not be
your Self?”

After the movie I found this thought swirling round and round in my mind.  “How can I not be
my Self? How can I fail to be Who I already am?”  If I already am what I seek to be, how could I
fail?” As I went to sleep that night I asked the Holy Spirit to help me to see how it is that I cannot
fail to be my Self or fail to make the final choice to return home. The Holy Spirit answered me
with this dream.  (Note: The role of the Holy Spirit is being played by “the mechanic”)

I was driving my car from a friend’s house to a college campus where I was dropping kids off.  
The next stop was home. As I was driving out of the campus, I felt panic as I realized I didn’t
know the way home.  I came to a stop sign where the only choices were to go left or right.  I
paused to gather my thoughts and try to calm the rising fear taking hold of my mind. I
remembered that I had come from the right so I logically concluded that I should not turn right. I
felt a little relief realizing that at least I knew not to go back the way I came.  As I turned left I
saw a gas station up ahead.  At first I was going to pass it and try to navigate the rest of the way
home myself, but quickly realized how much easier it would be if someone already knew the
way.  I pulled into a gas station to ask for directions.  That was the last thing I remembered.  The
next I knew, I was standing in my living room already home.  I had no idea how I got there.  
Standing in the room with me was the mechanic from the gas station.  I was bewildered and
asked, “How did I get home?” He explained to me that he had navigated the way home for me
because he knew the way.  He told me there were a few glitches along the way, such as running
out of gas, but he took care of that by mixing together lemon juice, sugar and 7-up.  I was
amazed at the calmness and confidence in which he spoke.  I said, “How did you know all of
that! Nobody knows how to do that.” I could not believe my luck! By simply realizing that I
needed help and stopping to ask for directions, I had found someone who not only knew the
way but knew how to melt obstacles effortlessly and get me there with no time passing at all.  
My gratitude was overflowing. Because of the mechanic I had no need to worry, to come up with
my own solutions to “glitches” or figure anything out.  And best of all there was no ‘time’ in
which I had to travel to get home.

Upon waking from this dream, I realized how this all made perfect sense. There are no long
roads full of hard work to return home because we already are home only dreaming of exile.
And as we sleep for awhile, we have a guide who will stay with us, melting away obstacles and
lighting our way through seeming problems to gently wake us up. And when we did awaken, it
would seem like it happened in a blink of an eye with no effort, strain or fear.  I was shown the
simple, fail-proof plan to awaken.  It is fail-proof because we are only required to make three
easy choices:  
#1. Home is where we want to be.
#2. We are willing to let the Holy Spirit be our guide
#3. To remember it’s always best to stop and ask for directions!

Written by: Patti Fields