Awakening Through Miracles

Spiritual Messages That Help and Heal – Patti Fields

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Dream Your Own Miracles


Spiritual dreaming is not a special gift. We all have the ability to connect to our inner Spirit. Therefore, we all can receive profound messages and healing from the spiritual realm. Yet, for dreams and visions to be effective and miraculous, it is important to strengthen this natural ability.

In this workshop we explore how to use dreams and visions to receive guidance, healing, and spiritual insight. You will leave with tools and practices that will enable you to journey deep into the unconscious to connect with spiritual wisdom and receive miracles.

Through teaching, reflection, and experiential exercises we will:

  • Explore using dreams and visions as a means to receive guidance and healing
  • Learn the 6 types of spiritual dreams to identify which dreams are from the Spirit and to discern their purpose
  • Develop a dream practice that nurtures and promotes profound insights and healing
  • Recognize and release obstacles to receiving communication from the Spirit
  • Gain knowledge of how to remember, interpret, and apply the message to your life circumstances
  • Expand the use of your dreams and visions to become a source of healing for others

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