Dreams and Visions--- A Way to Listen to the Spirit

We know that dreams are a fascinating tool that connects us to the unconscious mind. Are
we also aware that dreams can connect us to spiritual wisdom? I stumbled upon this when
I was desperate to listen to guidance and receive help from the Spirit, but no amount of
stillness, spiritual practice or meditation worked.
One night it occurred to me that if I was unconscious maybe the message could get
through.  So I asked inner wisdom to speak to me in a dream. The next morning I had my
answer. I was not a "dreamer" nor had I studied dream work. But I
was willing--- willing
to expose and release the ego and open to Divine love and wisdom. This is all that is
required to let your dreams be a source of healing, guidance, and spiritual growth.
Everyone Can Do It - If You Are Open

Spiritual dreaming is not a special gift. We all dream. We all have inner wisdom.
Therefore we can all use dreams to connect to this wisdom. Even if you do not think you
dream or cannot remember your dreams, you can have spiritual dreams --- although it
does take practice, willingness, and an open mind to reach this level of consciousness.

Here is a quick guide to get started.

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Visions awaken you to a new state of mind. They are an
expansion in consciousness that lifts you out of the earthly
realm and into the spiritual realm. When experiencing a
vision, one feels a profound sense of peace and love.  
Visions can include, but are not limited to images, light,
sounds, feelings and/or a deep knowing. Most visions occur
while awake or in a meditative state.
Spiritual Dreams -- A Means to Receive Miracles

The Spirit is always present and answering our prayers with messages of truth, love and
innocence. Through our dreams we can open our heart to Divine love, expand our view of
self, release unconscious blocks, receive guidance, gain new understanding -- all without
the interference of the ego.

Spiritual dreams provide new and sometimes surprising information that cannot be gained
through intellectual study or from the ego. They help you to notice a pattern, clarify your
understanding of a problem, change the way you look at things and/or guide you to take
action. Spiritual dreams can also provide information pertaining to future or past events,
your life’s purpose, and what is most beneficial for your Soul’s growth
Listen as I share my experiences of how
spiritual dreaming opened my mind to receive
higher levels of understanding and miracles.
It is an honor to share the Divine messages I have received and to guide others to open their own dream channel to listen to their
inner Teacher. If you would like to host a Dreaming Miracles gathering, I would love to hear from you. Together, we can create
something that meet the needs of your group.
What is a Spiritual Dream?
Spiritual Dreaming is the Easy Way

Connecting to Divine Wisdom is at the heart of every
spiritual path.  It is our source for profound insights,
answers to our deepest questions, guidance about direction
in life, and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically.
Yet making contact with this inner wisdom and receiving
clear messages can be a challenge.  

In our daily life, the constant barrage of sights, sounds, and
thoughts keep us anchored in lower level consciousness
making it difficult to raise our awareness up to the heavenly
realm. When we dream at night, this interference goes to
sleep. Now the spiritual messages we have repressed during
the day can come to light.