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Awakening Through Dreams and Visions

Gaining Spiritual Insights and Healing Through Dreams and Visions

We know that dreams are a fascinating tool that connects us to the unconscious mind. Are we also aware that
dreams can connect us to spiritual wisdom; that there is a type of dream that comes from the Spirit and flows with
information from the spiritual realm?  I stumbled upon this when I was in need of an answer and no amount of
stillness or meditation worked. One night it occurred to me that if I was unconscious
maybe the message could get through.  I asked inner Wisdom to speak to me in a
dream. The next morning I had my answer. Since then my dreams have provided
healing, true  understanding, guidance, messages for others and communication with
those not physically present. What I learned through spiritual dreaming is that the
Spirit is always present and trying to communicate to us It's messages of truth, love
Anyone Can Do It - If You Are Open

Spiritual dreaming is not a special gift. We all dream. We all have inner Wisdom. We all can use dreams to
connect to this Wisdom. Although it is natural for you to dream, it takes practice, desire, and an open mind to
reach this level of consciousness. If you would like to use your dreams as a way of reaching spiritual consciousness,
here are a few resources to help you get started:
What is the difference between dreams and visions?

Guidance dreams provide new and surprising information that cannot be gained through intellectual study or from
the ego. Guidance dreams can direct you to notice a pattern, clarify your understanding of a problem, provide an
unexpected answer, change the way you look at things and/or guide you to take action.  They can also provide
information pertaining to future or past events. Guidance dreams are also the way the Divine speaks to you about
your forgotten purpose and what is most beneficial for your Soul’s growth.
Visions awaken you to a new state of mind. They are  an expansion in consciousness that lifts you out of the earthly
realm into the spiritual realm of existence. Often one experiences a profound sense of peace and love when
experiencing a vision.  They can contain images, symbols, sights and sounds, and/or a sudden insight or deep
knowing about a situation or problem. Most visions occur while awake or in a meditative state.
and oneness.  I learned that union with spiritual consciousness is not only possible but is essential to our awakening
and dreams and visions are a powerful way to reach this state of mind.
Before I had spiritual dreams and visions, I did not
consider them to be helpful to achieving my spiritual
goals nor did I realize their importance to living as an
extension of the Creator's Love.  Listen as I share my
experiences of how spiritual dreaming opened my mind
to receive higher levels of understanding
and miracles.
A In-Depth Guide To Spiritual Dreaming  Coming Soon

In my journey through dreams and visions, I learned that dreams can be "universal messages".  There are some
dreams that contain powerful, profound insights into our common fears, blocks and behavior patterns and provide
universal spiritual answers. A friend summed it up in this way: “I feel that your dreams are like modern day parables
like Jesus shared in the Bible. The wisdom is still relevant today. Your dreams help our modern mind remember
Truth, God and Love.” I invite you to dive into the pages of this book to have a direct encounter with deep spiritual
wisdom. The Spirit is speaking to all of us in these messages. Let us use the wisdom found in these dreams to heal
ourselves and bless the world.
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Dreams Messages You Can Use To Heal