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Why do people suffer? How can we be free of pain? What is the purpose of suffering? These questions were swirling around in Patti Fields’ mind the day she buried her baby, Amanda. That night she experienced her first spiritual dream and learned an important lesson—when we are willing to contemplate deep questions and search for true understanding, we naturally open to the healing power of the spiritual realm. 

Patti’s quest for answers led her to the teachings and practices of A Course in Miracles, during which time her spiritual dreams and visions became numerous and profound. Applying the guidance she received to situations and relationships her negative belief patterns, grievances, and unhealthy self-concepts fell away. As a result, Patti had experiences that were truly miraculous.

Patti’s desire to help others prompted an unexpected spiritual dream where she met her spirit guide, who taught her how to channel messages while awake. The numerous transformational messages Patti receives are foremost for herself. Yet, she willingly shares these teachings to support your healing and connection to Divine wisdom.

What Is the Purpose of the Website? A Message from My Spirit Guide

Dear Beautiful Soul,

The insights shared in my books, programs, and recordings do not seek to undermine or discredit your dominion over your decisions and path. The purpose of sharing the teachings is to empower you to listen to your own inner wisdom and guidance. The source of this wisdom may appear to be outside of you. However, if the information resonates with you that is because it is You speaking to Yourself through a channel. I am a messenger and a fellow traveler. I do not claim to have special powers or know what is best for you. Always listen to your heart. Your soul knows the way.

Blessings and Love,


Legal Disclaimer: Teachings shared through, books by Patti Fields, social media, and other outlets operated by Patti Fields are not the advice of a licensed professional and are not a substitute for professional medical, mental, or spiritual counseling. If you are inspired to seek out help from a licensed professional, please do so.