Are you longing for unwavering peace, joyous and harmonious relationships, a gentle
flow of life, a sense of purpose, and a deep connection with others? Do you want to feel
safe, cared for, worry-free, and limitless? Many years ago I craved these things too.
This desire led me to teachings and practices that helped me break free from negative
belief patterns, grievances, and unhealthy self concepts.  As a result,  I began to have
experiences that were truly miraculous.

On this site, I share insights I have gleaned from my inner spiritual Guide, along with
exercises and practices I have used to transform life's challenges and hardships into
miracles. I hope these resources inspire and guide you to a joyful life.
Awakening Through Miracles
Insights to Light the Way
My book, Dreaming Miracles contains spiritual
insights I received while in a dream or meditative
state. We discover what creates problems in our
lives, how we block our own happiness, and what
will free us from pain and limitation.

In this book I share simple, practical ways to
understand and use profound spiritual teachings to
experience miracles in your everyday life.
Accessing Expanded States of Consciousness (Release date - 2021)
Published by Sunbury Press
While completing Dreaming Miracles, an unexpected
event occurred. A spiritual dream introduced me to
my Spirit Guide, Neshea. The following morning, I
surprisingly received the first of over 50 channeled
messages from Neshea. They were so profound and
compelling that it was clear they would be helpful to
others. I immediately began transcribing the
messages so that I could share them in a new book,
Freedom Now.

Freedom Now teaches how to expand our
awareness beyond our limiting thoughts, feelings,
and perceptions to reach expanded states of
consciousness where miracles can happen.
Patti Fields