Receive Guidance When in Distress

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The human experience can be overwhelming and engaging. You are learning how to engage with the world and still maintain a connection with us. In the depths of despair and in the moments of wonder and excitement, your connection with us remains constant. There is no severing or disruption of the connection.

I am given an image. I see myself trudging through mud and debris. Above my head is a rope that hangs down from the sky. As I walk, the rope moves along with me. My eyes are focused downward, so I do not notice the rope.

When you focus on the mud and debris it can feel as if you are disconnected because it weighs you down. Yet, your connection remains secure. We do not move up ahead waiting for you to catch up. We maintain clear vision and pure awareness while moving along with you as you move along the timeline.

The amount of difficult emotions, confusion, and mental anguish you experience does not alter the strength or power of our connection. You may experience disconnection as you trudge through the experience and clear away the debris that clings to you. But the disconnect is not disconnection. It is you focusing intently on your human experience and becoming less aware of our connection. Communication is instantly reestablished the moment you turn your attention upward. Consider connection to your true self, wisdom, and peace in terms of awareness and it will make sense how you can be consumed with earthly problems and concerns and still be connected to the heavenly realm.

What diverts your attention from one reality to another? It is simply your decision to do so. You do not abandon your responsibilities to yourself or your loved ones when making a decision to turn your attention away from the problem and look upward. You are still intimately connected to your earthly concerns when you look elsewhere for wisdom and peace.

We address earthly and spiritual concerns equally because we see it all as one. Blending the two worlds is our way of helping you transcend the delusion of two worlds and see only the one that God created. Our advice uses the symbols of the world of duality because these are the symbols you understand. Do not negate our teachings because they utilize the language of humans. Contained within each symbol is the love and unity of the Spirit. That is why you can trust the symbols to lead you to the awareness of what is true and real.

To help you release your judgments and expectations of what is appropriate and continue to seek our guidance, imagine putting your burdens down for just a moment. Climb the rope upward through the clouds and rest in the sunlight to receive our guidance. Then imagine sliding down the rope and addressing the problem with your new awareness. Then act accordingly.

The answers we give contain a spark of the Divine even if it appears to be a worldly answer. This spark is what is valuable because it is eternal. The form around the spark is the container used to carry the spark to the world. Can you sense the eternal spark in our answers? Maintain this awareness as you work with the symbols of the world, and you will feel the joy of the Divine in a world of form.

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  1. Nicely said, and so appropriate for what I am going through right now. Patti you are so insightful. I always love reading your visions.

  2. Work with the symbols of the world. Yes! Spirit is communicating and available to us always and in all ways. Thank you. Beautiful message.

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