Spiritual Dreams

We generally think of dreams as a nighttime show of our deepest fears, repressed dark thoughts, and ego desires. But there is a different kind of dream available to us that originates from a higher state of consciousness. SPIRITUAL DREAMS provide information beyond our normal way of thinking and feeling. They are the Spirit’s way of speaking to us and our opportunity to listen. And, they are an amazing resource we can use to live life miraculously.

It is a misunderstanding to believe that you do not dream. Everyone dreams. Even if you don’t think you dream, science has proven that you do. And, even though you might not have accessed spiritual wisdom in your dreams, it is there. My first spiritual dream came with no forewarning. It occurred during the darkest hours of my life. It was an unexpected and unsought answer to the deepest pain of human existence—the pain of separation. This experience helped me realize that anyone, at any time, no matter how much pain or fear they are in, can receive support, guidance, and healing through their dreams.

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This audio is an intuitive interpretation of a dream message I received when experiencing fear. From this example, we learn that when we allow Divine Spirit to speak to us in dreams, we become open to profound changes that affect ourselves, those closest to us, and the world around us.

Was Your Dream a Spiritual Message?

Some dreams are scrambled messes resulting from the unconscious mind creating an imaginary world of symbols that interact in a chaotic and nonsensical way. Other types of dreams bring repressed feelings and judgments to the surface, making us conscious of them. A spiritual dream is quite different. In this video you learn how to recognize if you’ve had a spiritual dream.(Note: Holy Spirit is a common ACIM term referring to Divine Wisdom. Substitute any name that is comfortable for you such as Higher Self, Source, Self, Spirit, etc.)

When You Are Feeling Intense Emotions

Feeling intense emotions can be challenging, especially when an external event unexpectedly triggers a past hurt. I share a personal story of this experience and a spiritual dream I received that taught me how to heal when being triggered. Even though it is messy and can feel uncomfortable, sometimes we purposively allow what is unhealed to surface, so we can finally be free.