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Healing Focused Guided Meditations

The Buddha was asked, “What have you gained from meditation?” He replied “Nothing!” However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression, insecurity, fear of old age, and death.”

This quote from the Buddha teaches that not only has meditation been used for centuries as a spiritual practice, it also is a powerful tool for transformation and healing. A Course in Miracles would agree.

These guided meditations help focus the mind and release interference so that you can reach the inner sanctuary where healing happens.

The following guided meditations are provided free of charge, and focus on healing:

When in the grips of the ego thought system, it may seem like we are in prison and have thrown away the key. But this idea is not true. The key to freedom is asking for relief and having faith in the healing power of the spiritual realm. This meditation can be used anytime you want deliverance from painful ideas, fearful perceptions, ego needs, unloving self concepts, and judgments about others.

This meditation guides us to look at all of life’s experiences from a spiritual perspective to alleviate resistance to what is happening and allow healing of our heart, mind, and body. Asking one simple question can help you navigate strong emotions and connect with the spiritual realm while tending to the outside world. Meditation co-written with Sabra DeForest.

This meditation is especially helpful if you can’t let go of a grievance, yet you want to experience peace and love. It gently guides you through your judgments to the light beyond the grievance. The experience is so peaceful and joyful that you will find it easier to let go of any wrong-doings.

In this meditation you are gently guided to look past mistakes to see others as they truly are without the veil of darkness. There is no wound that will not heal in the presence of this truth. The goal of this meditation is for you to receive the gifts forgiveness offers: happiness, certainty of purpose, a sense of worth, care and safety, love, and peace.

It seems impossible to love yourself when you are identified with your personality, roles, short-comings, fears, guilt, and imperfections. You don’t need to makeover your self image or try to be perfect to be loveable. This meditation guides you through a release of ALL the costumes you wear to reveal your true essence. When you see yourself as you really are, Self-love will be no problem.

This quiet and reflective meditation seeks to comfort you when you are experiencing a loss. Like a parent who soothes their child who is in the grips of a terrifying nightmare, the Spirit can comfort you in your time of sorrow.

When you are overwhelmed with intense emotions, excessive thinking, and confusion about right action it seems impossible to be still and listen to inner guidance. You do not need to resist or fight against the “monkey mind” and strong emotions. There is another way. This meditation helps travel through each layer of experience with acknowledgement and then release, until you reach the inner sanctuary where you can listen to your inner wisdom.

Accepting what is happening can feel like giving in or giving up. Resisting or fighting what is happening can cause stress and increase fear. This meditation helps you to be fully present to the experience while affirming the presence of a sacred, larger truth beyond the experience. This response helps alleviate fear and keeps your heart open to unexpected resources and help.

When you have been hurt, why would you want to let go of judgments if they are justified and attack and punishment seem well deserved? This meditation begins with a teaching about why it is in your best interest to see someone’s light instead of the dark spot of “sin.” The reason may surprise you. You are then guided on a gentle journey to see the person differently. This change in perception can help you immensely.  

Open your heart to receive the energies of unity, love, grace, and worthiness.