A Life That Reflects Your True Nature Requires Letting Go

Listen to the Channeled Message

What is eternal is true. What surrounds the eternal is the ebb and flow of life. We ask you to focus on the eternal – that which does not change or diminish. If there was love in your life and now you perceive it as gone, what has disappeared from your life is the form, not the eternal love that was present within the form.

Keep the feeling of love and let the rest go. Most likely you experienced love and its opposites–fear, attack, and confusion–all of which can be categorized as lack of love. These experiences are not part of your true nature. If you want your life to reflect your true nature, what is not an aspect of truth must go. When reviewing the past was their love? Was there lack of love? Was there lack of love that you mistook for love? Let’s sort this out together because if done on your own, your confusion about what love is will alter your conclusions.

Go through the scenes from the past and ask us, “Was this experience love or lack of love?” Pause for a moment and let’s review the past using this question to guide you, assuming you do not know the answer.

I pause to review a scene from the past and then ask the question. After receiving the answer I move on to another scene and repeat the process. It takes many minutes to complete the exercise. When I am done, the channeling continues.

It was the lack of love that caused you pain and that is what you do not want to bring with you into your future. However, the love you experienced IS valuable and worthy of keeping as a stored memory. The rest you can leave behind. THIS is how you step into a future that better represents who you are as a spiritual being.

Let us remove anything from your experience that is not part of your true nature, so you can live life more abundantly. That is what it means to surrender to the will of God.