When Changes Are beyond Your Control

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Not many are willing to go through the fire and burn away what is not part of your true nature. Fire is cleansing, yet its method is quick, intense, all-consuming, and all-encompassing. Nothing is left in its wake accept ashes of a former life.

Most of you will go through a slower transformationcalculating carefully what you will keep as part of your self-concept, what you are willing to toss aside, and what needs more discernment of its value before a decision is made. The result of a slower sorting out process is a feeling of control, stability, temporary happiness, and less griefbecause when it is time to let go, you are confident that it has no value in terms of your happiness and goals.

Many choose this gentle approach because of its obvious benefits. However, the lack of efficiency of this plan causes delays. When you are in control of the speed and the decision of what you keep or let loose, you will not choose anything that will destabilize you. Your need to know and remain in control keeps your foundation solid, as you let go brick by brick and add to your life new awarenesses incrementally. This method of metamorphosis from an individual human being to a creation of the Divine, is a worthy choice. Yet, its slow and steady progress is not ideal for those who cannot wait to be who they truly are and use that knowledge to save the world from its delusion of separation.

If you are one whose life is turned upside down, know that you are in the midst of a fire ritual that will burn off anything that hinders you from knowing your oneness with the Creator and the beauty and joy of living with that awareness. The intensity and destabilization you may feel will not last. What will be left is what is of value to you. You do not know this fact and that is why you grieve. Do not expect yourself to know now what you will know in the future.

You can safely feel all of the emotions that arise when there is fire. We comfort you while knowing that you will rise from the ashes, free of all your burdens. You are not losing anything of value. What is of value may need to be cleansed of debris. You will only take with you what is cleansed and purified so you can move forward in peace.

Consider using a mantra when the fire is intense.

“I will rise from the ashes and be free to live as a child of God.”

This idea will help you refrain from jumping into the fire to try to save some aspects of your old life. Let it burn, cry, and know that to be reborn of the spirit, all that is not of God must be transformed into light.

God is with you.

We are with you.

All will be well.


4 comments on “When Changes Are beyond Your Control

  1. Patti this describes what happened to me when my active alcoholism took me down and my life was in ruins…it is referred to as my bottom…but it was also the fire you described here. It came on gradually and then consumed my life…It almost killed me.

    The result of this fire was my old life lay in ashes and a new life was begun. Gratitude became the fertilizer for my growth to take hold.

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