When Life Is Difficult Does That Mean We Have Failed?

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Question to my guides: I’ve noticed that there is a tendency to believe that if we are good spiritual students, bad things won’t happen to us or to those we love. We want to protect ourselves from bad things by doing the “right” thing. When we do face challenges, we judge that “bad” things are happening because we are “lost in the ego mind,” or have unhealed, unconscious beliefs, or have failed to repeat enough affirmations or prayers. Yet, problems and difficulties seem unavoidable. What would you share that can help us when we face challenges and hardships?  

Channeled Message

What happens when you have to face a shadow in your life? Do you conclude that you have failed? We tell you this firmly now. Please listen carefully. The world was made long ago to exemplify duality. The darkness you see is an opportunitynothing more, nothing less. When you are in the dark, there is no judgment and only one purpose. Use the moment to feel the Divine Presence that exists in that moment.

To fulfill this purpose, you need the means. There can be a process needed or an instantaneous awareness. Be content with either. Both will get you to your goal. If the process reveals blocks, it is good. If there is a moment of recognition, it is good.

Your struggle is your confusion about the purpose of what you are experiencing. You see the purpose as a moment when you have failed to do the “right” thing. The appearance of darkness is not any one person’s fault. It is there. Accept its existence and decide what it is for. And then be willing to go through the process to achieve your goal.

Do not judge your success as a spiritual student based on how wonderful your life is. Challenges are a part of awakening. For those who want to avoid challenges, be aware of why that is. At the root of your judgment that it is not spiritual to have challenges, is your judgment that you have failed to do the “right” thing. Therefore, you are undeserving of God’s love.

Spirituality is the quest for the awareness of what is true. All you can ever fail at is to not be aware of the love that you are and the love that the Creator has for you. The good, the bad, and the ugly, are all moments when you can become aware. You believe the good is proof you are good, and the bad and ugly are proof that you or others have failed to be good. Do you see how contrary this idea is to the truth?

Do not judge yourself or others when darkness is a part of your world. Your judgment is a burden undeserved. Change your judgment to repurposing the moment to seeing, acting, and being the love that you do deserve.

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  1. You might find another message from my guides helpful in practicing this teaching.

    Guides: “You are trying so hard to change your experience yourself. You believe if you don’t try all will be lost. When you are falling into despair, let yourself fall and ask God to catch you. Gather everyone who is in despair and fear and hold them close to your heart and God will catch you all in a net of love.”

    Love and Blessings

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