It Takes Courage to Follow Your Intuition

When you follow your intuition, you do not consider others or yourself. If you did, it would delay or stop you from doing what your heart says to do. Intuition leads you to where you are needed and what is best for you. It’s not always understandable to those around you or even to yourself. It can appear to deny you what you need and want. It may seem to serve some people and hurt others. On the surface it may look and feel this way – that is why it takes courage, trust, and faith to follow through on […]

A New Way to Understand

Your energies are being wasted on old ideas and misperceptions and lack of understanding and knowing of who you are as a spiritual being. Now is the time to adjust your endeavors toward ways that will allow more light and compassion to guide you toward abundance in all areas of your experience you call “life.” You waste time when exploring old ways of being and doing. You look for what went wrong when you have at your disposal Divine Intelligence to guide you toward a new way of seeing and being. How can you tap into this Divine Intelligence when […]

Intuitive Dream Interpretation

Bi-monthly online gathering facilitated by Patti Fields. Using dreams from participants, Patti teaches her intuitive method of dream interpretation to uncover deep insights and guidance about the participant’s question or challenge. The group members will have an opportunity to practice intuitive dream interpretation by offering their own intuitive insights. Private sessions are available. Patti joins her gift of interpretation with your own insights to understand the Divine dream or vision message and its significance to your life’s journey.