It Takes Courage to Follow Your Intuition

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When you follow your intuition, you do not consider others or yourself. If you did, it would delay or stop you from doing what your heart says to do. Intuition leads you to where you are needed and what is best for you. It’s not always understandable to those around you or even to yourself. It can appear to deny you what you need and want. It may seem to serve some people and hurt others. On the surface it may look and feel this way – that is why it takes courage, trust, and faith to follow through on your inner guidance.

The intellect cannot grasp what the heart knows. If you are guided by your heart – which loves all beings and wants the best for all beings, all will be well. Even if it first appears as if there is an increase in pain initially for some. In the circle of life, living things are rearranged for the good of all but the circle never breaks.

Following your heart or intuition is not easy for those who are aware of other’s pain. You may want to protect them from feeling pain. However, in doing so you may not follow the calling of your own heart. That is why we advise you to love one another and love yourself. Trust in the strength that others possess to rise from their pain, to feel the calling of their own heart, and to love themselves so much that they follow their own path to joy.

Your responsibility lies in how you treat other’s path. All have dominion over their own selves. Each is self-contained, meaning they have everything they need to find their way home. Never forget that others have all that you have. They do not need you to give them what they lack. They need you to remind them of what they have and what they are. When you follow your intuition without knowing the outcome and display courage, trust, and faith in all your actions, you help others succeed in life.

Today’s teaching can be summarized in this way: trust your brothers and sisters and follow your own heart. This is how you love one another and love yourself.

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