Do Not Judge the Book of Your Life – You Are a Master in Disguise

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You begin today with a blank page where nothing has been written yet. You are asked to stand quietly aside and let the stream of consciousness flow onto the pages. This stepping aside to let the will of Heaven be done on earth is also an act of will on your part.

Where in your life have you become entangled with your wishes and desires and your judgments about what must be done for you to have lasting peace and joy? To enter any situation, event, or moment with no preconceived ideas of what is good or bad can feel uncomfortable – much like it feels when you begin to take down a message from us and are greeted with a blank page. You fight off the tendency to think. You must concentrate on the act of stepping aside to let a fresh idea come through without getting tangled with your own thoughts. If one is to hear the voice of their soul, this process of stepping aside to greet each moment with an open mind and heart is important to fulfilling the desire to know and understand from the soul’s perspective. AHHH, but this process is so difficult when you believe what your eyes see, your ears hear, and your mind thinks.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover,” is a phrase that can be helpful when you are struggling to let each moment appear to you as a blank page. If you see someone acting childish, do you conclude that they are unenlightened and must be below you in their evolution toward truth? What do you conclude about others who are struggling with addiction, illness, or poverty? When a tragedy occurs do you assume that those involved are less spiritual and more trapped in the human condition than you? What do YOU know about the soul’s journey? Standing before you could be a Master.  Everything in life has a divine purpose and to judge one expression of this purpose as less valuable to the whole is to judge your own life’s journey.

The purpose of today’s message is to help you open to miracles in each moment. A miracle is an unexpected, unexplainable occurrence that is powered by the energy of love. When you greet a moment with your understanding and assumptions, including the ones that categorize your soul mates and judge their expressions, you close the door to an experience that you may not understand, but you will be grateful for.

We encourage you to use this practice of seeing each moment as a blank page in your own life experiences first and then graduate to viewing others in this way. You struggle mostly with yourselves because your identification with memories, emotions, and thought patterns is strong. It is difficult to see yourself in a new light without the past intervening and distorting your view. If you are sad or angry, you may conclude that you have a lot to learn. When in fact, you are in a master class designed for students who are ready to burst forth into miraculous understandings.

Do not judge the book of your life. You all deserve praise for your acceptance to take on the challenges and rise above them. All is well. All will be well. Trust the process you call life. Trust yourself and trust others. See everyone as a glorious being trying to work out the kinks and be open to new and surprising awarenesses. If you can manage all of that while going through your day, you have succeeded in your mission of a spiritual being recognizing itself as a spiritual being.


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