Sorrow and Pain Can Be a Gateway to Miracles

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Your sorrow and pain can be a gateway to miracles – miracles being an expression of love. What you feel can be a catalyst to this expression even if what you feel is the complete opposite of love and joy. You judge your experience and want to remove it from your repertoire. You are tired of playing out continual or repeat patterns of pain and sorrow. Yet, these are part of the human condition – a state where you forget you are Divine.

A spiritual journey is believing you are one thing and then accepting the truth that you are something else – not some ONE else…some THING else entirely. On your journey to awakening, you do not change from one human personality to another. You move from one concept of self to an entirely different thing – human to spirit. Any aspect of a human condition can be used to change your self-concept. There is not one aspect of humanness that is harder to use than another to change your awareness of who you are. We ask you to stop trying to change your experience from one human condition to another. Instead, see it all as part of believing you are human. And then, ask to be shown your true nature as a spiritual being.

This trading of one human condition for another keeps you rooted in one level of reality. Some moments of this reality feel better than others. Yet, even the happiest of human experiences cannot compare to the joy of being your Self. Your pain and sorrow can be used to catapult you beyond all human conditions to the one condition that will solve all your earthly problems. In fact, you are likely to be more willing to make this leap when you are experiencing pain and sorrow. When you are enjoying the human condition, you are more apt to believe that you can be content being human. That is not to say that an easy life cannot also be the catalyst to a profound change of self. But it is less likely to motivate you to change your reality.

When you feel the pain and sorrow of the human condition, let your experience be used to change your reality entirely. To be aware of spiritual truth is a great gift to the world. You can give this gift in moments of distress and pain by remembering that what you really need to restore happiness and peace is a complete change of perspective.

You are highly motivated to make this leap when the conditions of being human are less than satisfying. We know that this answer does not seem to be what you want to hear when life’s situations are difficult. It can also seem beyond your reach to alter your perspective of reality so drastically. We realize your struggle. We are here to help you attain what you want by first reminding you of what you want and then by giving it to you. Accept our help in giving you what you want. Because only when you have what you want will you know that our way of helping is exactly what you needed.

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