What Changes an Unhealthy Pattern to a Healthy One?

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Question to my guides: “When a pattern gets stuck on repeat, what is actually happening and what is needed to change it to a healthy pattern?

There are many positives to your awareness of a pattern that keeps repeating itself:

  1. You are aware there is a pattern of energy that is not functioning in a healthy way.
  2. You know that a healthy pattern is possible.
  3. You recognize that change is possible.

Now, you wonder where the change needs to take place to stop the repeat pattern and then, what needs to be added to create a pattern that emanates love, peace, harmony, and joy. Let’s not include the requests for answers that address what and where change occurs. Let’s pause after #3the moment you acknowledge that a change is possible.

You are aware that you want to experience an energy pattern that is in harmony with love and that is an option available to you. At this moment, you have not defined the form in which that energy would appear. We do not wish for you to articulate particularly what form would prove to you that an unhealthy energy pattern has been changed to a healthy one. We want you to focus solely on the energy and not the form. Let’s focus on feeling the disarray of an unhealthy energy pattern.

Choose a picture in your life that represents an unhealthy energy pattern. Call to mind the setting and the people involved. Let the images fade into the background as you focus on sensing the energy of the event.

Note: I sense the energy briefly, then my attention wanders to thoughts. I then purposefully redirect my attention back to the energy.

Notice how you travel from your heart (or felt sense) to your mind and then back to the heart and then back to your mind. Your mind wants to define the feelings so a solution can be executed through the intellect. Try to stay focused on the energy or feeling without needing to conceptualize or categorize what is going on.

For the purpose of our teaching, we interlace energy and feeling to help you focus away from your thoughts and ideas. In actuality, energy is not an emotionit is the frequency of the emotion. Energy is not a physical sensationit is the frequency of the sensation. However, emotions and physical feelings are representations of energy, so when you are in touch with a felt sense, you are connecting to energy. Return to the picture and focus on the energy. If you wander toward the intellect, gently return your focus to feeling the energy.

Note: I practice this directive for a few minutes.

There are two generalized energies you might sense: love or disarray. Discombobulating energy encompasses all “negative” energies such as confusion, destabilization, fear, combative, constrictive, tightness, sluggish, sizzling, weakness, swirling, etc. Love needs no clarification. You intimately know the essence of a loving energetic pattern and recognize it without needing to define it.

Let’s return to your question: “When an unhealthy energy pattern is stuck, what is needed to change it to a healthy pattern?” When you asked that question, you had a specific form in mind that you wanted to manifest. We have taken you through steps to refocus your attention on the energy you want to experience rather than the form (which will occur naturally as a result of the change in energy). If you focus on the form, you are not placing your attention on what needs to change.

Now, you can honestly say you want to feel a shift in the energy pattern. And now, you are asking the right question: “How does that energy change occur?” You wonder, is it intention, desire, prayer, action, belief, faith, or willpower that makes the change happen? There are so many teachings available to you regarding your involvement in positive change. It can be confusing to the seekers of change. You scramble to choose the right one until you finally stop and ask the question. We applaud your pausing. It’s not easy to refrain from using past learning and ask for a new perspective.

You may feel that we have led you through a maze instead of giving you a straight and simple answer because you believe you asked a straight and simple question. Yet, we have shown you that it was not a simple question geared toward a simple answer. We led you through the maze of your own confusion to help you clarify what the real need is and then ask for what will supply the need.

Now, we will give you a simple answer to your simple question: “What changes a stuck, unhealthy energy pattern to a healthy one?” It is the very thing you want to change it to, which is an energy pattern of love. Love is the answer. Imagine an energy of love that is so powerful, it can shift and change into any form to meet the need. Where can you find this energy? It is where you are because it is the energy of your creation.

Once you reach for this powerful tool of transformation, you will be directed where to use it and how. Simply reach for it. You believe there is an opaque wall that divides dark and light energy. There is no barrier. Once you reach for it, pay attention to where you are asked to direct the energy of love. This part of the process of change is unpredictable. You simply follow where the energy directs you to go.

Thank you for asking the question. When you ask questions, it opens you to our answers. We love you and want you to experience this energy of love and to realize Its power to help you.

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