Surrender to the Flow

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What is God’s will? Do you know? You may think you know your own will, but to know the Creator’s will would require you to be the Creator. We who only exist in the essence of love, could give you a glimpse of what your Creator wills for you. But, to truly know God’s will you must experience it for yourself. How is it possible to experience God’s will if you do not know the will of the Father? You must surrender your own will to find out.

We want you to imagine a scenario in which you let go of your desires and wants and let the universe do what it wants with your life. Do you feel resistance to giving in to a will outside of your own? When we suggest that you surrender your own will to discover God’s will for you, we realize the difficulty you have in stepping aside to let the universe decide for you what your life will be. To ease your difficulty, consider that to discover God’s will for you is also the way to discover who you really are. Awakening, enlightenment, and self-discovery, are all movements from an individual will to the will of the Divine Creator. The practical application of the abstract idea, “Awaken to the truth of who you are” is to surrender what you will to be done and let God’s will be done through you.

This practice of surrender does not require knowledge of God’s will or how to accomplish it. Your insistence that you must intellectually grasp what is to be done, how it will be accomplished, and what you want to happen, is you inflicting your will upon the situation. Release yourself from the burden of needing to know before you surrender. Simply surrender and let the will of God move through the situation. In hindsight, you will know God’s will. But, in the moment of surrender all you know is that you want God’s will to reign in the situation.

Surrender to the flow can be difficult. Meet resistance, fear, and judgment with compassion. It is an act of courage to let go of the individual will. The small self believes it needs to protect itself from the dangers of the world. Surrender ignites the reflex to protect and defend in order to survive. Be gentle with yourself in these moments.

Surrender is the highest of spiritual practices. In fact, it is more lofty to surrender what you want for the greater will of God, than it is to attain a high degree of intellectual knowledge, status (level), or even a mystical out-of-body experience. These are helpful in your journey to prepare you for recognizing who you are. Yet, you can still maintain an individual self-concept while visiting grander concepts. When you surrender to God’s will, you erase the notion of an individual will at the precise place where it seems to exist. If it is erased in one moment of time and only God exists in that moment, that is one moment the separation did not occur. String these moments together and you erase from consciousness the memory of a separate will. And, without this memory, guilt, fear, and judgement disappear.

We ask you to consider surrender as a lofty goal and one worthy of pursuing. Begin today with the little things and see what God wills for you. You will soon learn to trust that God wills for your perfect happiness.

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  1. I am literally stepping into 2022 with this message as my 1st interaction. God’s will? My will? A great theme for the new year! Most grateful!

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