Your Unique Part in Healing the World

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In this world of multiplicity there is not one single universal experience of being human. That is by design. The most efficient way to heal the mind of its sense of separation is to experience all its expressions at once and heal each one with the answer of love and unity. What would be the value of all the souls healing the exact same expression? It would not only be redundant; it would stretch out the time when the separation experience ends, and the state of consciousness is unified through one experience of love.

Be content in doing your part. Do not expect your life experiences to mimic others’ experiences of the human condition (the separation belief). Whatever you are experiencing is yours to heal. Others are doing their part in bringing light to the dark spot of separation. The path toward enlightenment (truth of oneness and love) has many variants, each needing the same answer: love exists everywhere and is all that is real and true. These variants of separation must be examined and determined to be untrue. What better way to efficiently restore consciousness to the wholeness of love, then to heal all expressions of separation at once. To you, it may seem to take a long time because the experience is expressing itself in time. From our perspective, we see healing happening at a rapid rate. And, we are appreciative of the efforts of many to experience and heal any expression that is not born of truth.

Rebirth is the agreement to transform what is not true into a creative expression of truth. Look around and notice all the efforts being made to reexamine an experience, determine if it is created from the belief in separation, and the openness to allow the experience to change into an expression of love and unity. You judge these experiences as horrible. We judge them as progress. Be grateful to your soulmates for their willingness to do their part in the great awakening to truth.

The ones who share your journey and are a part of your life are joined with you to witness the expression of separation and choose together to let it be healed and transformed into love. There is no judgment of wrongdoing. When you look at life from this point of reference you can then ask, “How can I be helpful in healing the belief in separation in my life?”

Thank your brothers and sisters for doing their part and be sure to do your own. Your compassion toward others fuels your willingness to complete your tasks at hand because healing any expression of separation restores wholeness to all. You are so conditioned to believe that you live separate lives that do not influence one another. This belief IS the belief in separation at its core. When you do your part in the birthing of truth into the world and it helps others, the foundation of separation crumbles.

Live your life. Do your part. Appreciate everyone’s efforts. View all dis-ease as expressions of separation that are experienced for the purpose of restoring wholeness. And, when you feel the results of these efforts, rejoice that another angel has earned their wings.

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  1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL and meaningful!
    Thank you for sharing what you receive, Patti. Now, I will share this message with others who are choosing to heal their minds.
    Blessings, dear one. 💛

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