Rest in the Healing Process

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“Dream yourself awake” is a phrase we give you today to catch your attention and steer you toward what matters here and now. Life experiences are varied. Some experiences you want to linger while others you would rather skip over or substitute for better ones. Moments can range from unbearable to tolerable to ecstasy. You sort through the moments picking ones that are more pleasant and avoiding moments that are difficult. You believe you have the power to choose your events and circumstances. Therefore, when a moment is unpleasant you frantically try to choose a different circumstance.

Your power lies not in arranging form to fit your desire for only pleasant scenarios. You are an energy being. Your power IS the energy within every circumstance or situation.

The source of the energy is the socket you are plugged into. When the energy of the moment is slow-moving and sluggish, it is not because you are disconnected from the socket. You can never be unplugged from the Source of life. If the energy is slow-moving there is debris that has accumulated within the channel that slows down the movement of energy.

Imagine the brilliant, life force that is surging through the channels on earth. It has so much power that it could light up the whole world. Yet to do so, it needs chords to travel through to reach all the corners of the world so it can make contact with every spot on earth. We give you this analogy to help you now, in the moment you are in. If you are not feeling the energy of the Source of life, it is not because of circumstances or separation from the Source. The energy is working its way through some debris, cleaning it out as it passes through. Even in moments when you are feeling sluggish, the energy is there doing its job to disintegrate anything that is blocking the flow. There is nothing wrong during moments when you are not feeling energized. It is a moment of necessary healing.

For the purpose of today’s message we ask you to picture a brilliant ball of light pulsating with high vibrations of love and peace. A chord connects you to this ball of light. This pure energy runs through the chord and then through you. The power of this light gently releases any obstacles. It spreads throughout your body and expands out creating a vibrant circle of light all around you. Watch as it continues to expand and spread out to cover as far as the eye can see and beyond. It’s ok if you do not feel its full power just yet. Rest in the healing process. Do not judge the degree of energy you feel as a barometer of success or failure. This process is happening regardless of whether you can feel it or not.

Throughout the day picture the image of Source energy doing its job and rest without expectations of the outcome. Practice acceptance, allowance, and nonjudgment in this way to use this moment of the dream to awaken to the ever-present Source of all life.

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    • Perhaps it is my early morning wranglings to attach my work monitors and laptop to the docking station which acts as the energy source for the set up, I am easily able to visual Source as my docking station and all the lines coming and going from it and understand the ways that the disconnection happens. Perseverance in finding what will clear that disconnect is the only way to get back to achieving the work at hand.

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