When It Is Difficult to Be Here – A Heartfelt Message from My Guides

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All of you are trusting that you are on the right path, and what you are expecting to accomplish will be done according to the will of the Divine plan. We are assisting you in your efforts and ask that you continue to abide by your heart’s desire and your own will to accomplish your purpose for this lifetime. You are struggling with many things on your planet. And, these struggles can be quite challenging when they appear as if they do not have solutions that satisfy the whole and benefit everyone.

Your willingness to adjust to the experiences that you perceive in this world and comply with the perimeters that have been set, IS your willingness to be in human form and still be a conduit for miracles. We realize that these limitations can seem constraining to those who want to fly and be free to express all of the amazing qualities of the Divine Creator. However, where you find yourself to be is in a world that tries to constrict these qualities into forms that they can understand, so they do not feel confused. That is why we give you directives that work within these constrictions while maintaining the essence of these Divine qualities.

At some point in your evolution toward expressing Heaven on earth there will be no constrictions, and you will see the Divine manifested in Its full glory. We do not want you to be discouraged by your efforts when these divine manifestations take on forms that mimic what the world deems plausible and understandable. Remember, we work within the confines of consciousness. That does not mean that there is not more that can be experienced. That is why we ask you to please listen carefully as we direct you toward actions, thoughts, and perceptions that are earth bound.

Today’s message is not meant to discourage you or cause you to feel hopeless. Earthly forms can be made to mirror your heavenly home. You look for the out of ordinary experiences to prove that you are not human. You do not need to prove your spiritual essence. Who you are can never be changed. Yet, it is difficult for you to be a human when you know you are so much more than that.

We are always moving humanity toward spiritual enlightenment, which is merely the recognition of your Divine nature. Everything in the world can reflect this Divine nature. Do not limit the answers you will receive merely because you want to know the fullness of who you are. We are fully aware of Truth. We are also fully aware of your experience living in a reality that does not reflect this Truth. We do not expect you to be completely aware of the whole truth and nothing but the truth while you maintain your awareness of human shapes and forms.

Let us work with you within the world in which you think you live. You will eventually be fully with us and nowhere else. But for now, your awareness must maintain double visionto be aware of your humanness and aware of your spiritual reality. You have not lost your home because you see things that do not reflect where you truly exist. We are your lifeline, and you will never be apart from us who live in the energy of pure love.

Let us work together until that moment when your vision will see only one reality.

We love you.

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