Dreaming Miracles- Universal Messages That Heal and Bless
Release Date:  2018
This book contains deep spiritual wisdom that was given to me in the dream state. In these dreams and
visions I learned what creates problems in our lives, how we block our own happiness, and how
making direct contact with spiritual consciousness sets us free. The Spirit uses universal symbols to
convey important realizations that are easy to understand yet profound in their wisdom. The dream
messages are meant to be used in our everyday life, in our relationships or in any circumstance we find
ourselves in. They provide practical advise from the spiritual realm that has the power to heal and
bless us all.
Because the dreams and visions provide insights into universal blocks and unconscious patterns, you
will gain wisdom about what holds you back and what moves you toward living a life of joy. You will
also read of experiences of spiritual reality that will help you accept more and more of your true
nature and the reality of God's love. In addition the book includes reflection questions to deepen your
understanding and encourage you to use the messages in practical ways. Let this book of dreams be a
way for you to hear Spirit guide you to living your own best life.
In my journey with spiritual dreams and visions, I learned there are some dreams that contain universal
messages that are powerful, profound insights into our common fears, blocks and behavior patterns
and provide universal spiritual answers. A friend summed it up in this way: “I feel that your dreams are
like modern day parables like Jesus shared in the Bible. The wisdom is still relevant today. Your
dreams help our modern mind remember Truth, God and Love.” I invite you to dive into the pages of
this book to have a direct encounter with deep spiritual wisdom. The Spirit is speaking to all of us in
these messages. Let us use the wisdom found in these dreams to heal ourselves and bless the world.
Messages YOU Can Use To Heal