2017-18 Programs and Events
On-Going Study Groups
Study groups, facilitated by Patti, are an opportunity for students of A Course in Miracles to join together for the
purpose of deepening their practice and gaining clarity.  These groups offer a loving and supportive environment for
students to ask questions and share insights.   We follow a format of prayer, contemplative meditation, reading and
discussion. New members are always welcome.
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Dreams are a fascinating tool that connects us to the unconscious mind. But are we aware that dreams can also connect us to
spiritual wisdom? Edgar Cayce (The Sleeping Prophet) claimed there is a type of dream that comes from our higher self and flows
with information from the spiritual realm. Putting yourself to sleep can awaken you to spiritual consciousness where you can
access clarity, direction and healing.  

Gathering: Healing Messages From The Spirit    During this informal gathering we will hear the messages from the spiritual
realm and learn how to use them to break free of blocks, releasing God's strength into everything we see and do.

Workshop: A Guide to Spiritual Dreaming    In this workshop we will explore how to use dreams  to receive guidance,
healing, spiritual sight, deep understanding and expansion of consciousness. You will leave with tools and practices that will
enable you to journey deep into the unconscious to connect with spiritual wisdom.
Discover the Healing Power of Dreams-- Check back for 2018 dates
A Course in Miracles Candlelight Service --  December 18, 2017   Rochester, NY
An evening of inspiring music, meditation and prayer.
This is one of my favorite offerings of the year. During the holiday season, it is easy to get caught up in the activities and lose sight of
the meaning of Christmas. A Course in Miracles has a unique teaching on the meaning of Christmas and how we can celebrate
Christmas in a way that honors both Jesus contribution to our awakening and our own true nature.