Everyone Can Do It — If You Are Open

Dreaming Miracles is not a special gift. We all dream. We all have inner wisdom. Therefore we can all use dreams
to connect to this wisdom. Even if you do not think you dream or cannot remember your dreams, you can dream
miracles--- although it does take practice, willingness, and an open mind to reach this level of consciousness.
Through spiritual dreams and visions we can receive profound insights, answers to our deepest questions,
guidance about direction in life, and healing mentally, emotionally, and physically. We can experience Divine love,
expand our view of self, release unconscious blocks, receive guidance, gain new understanding -- all without the
interference of the ego.
Dreaming Miracles
We have forgotten the age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through  
dreams and visions.
                                                                  Carl Jung
Dreams and Visions — A Way to Receive Miracles

Dreams and Visions — A Way to Listen to the Spirit

Connecting to Divine wisdom is at the heart of every spiritual path. Yet making contact with this inner wisdom and
receiving clear messages can be a challenge. In our daily life, the constant barrage of sights, sounds, and
thoughts keep us anchored in lower level consciousness making it difficult to connect to the heavenly realm. When
we dream at night, however, this interference goes to sleep.

Now, what we have repressed during the day, can come to light.

We usually think of dreams as a nighttime show of our deepest fears, repressed dark thoughts and/or ego desires.
But there is a different kind of dream available to us that originates from a higher state of consciousness. Spiritual
dreams provide information beyond our normal way of thinking and feeling.

They are God's way of speaking to us and our opportunity to listen.
What is a Spiritual Dream?