Dreaming Miracles contains answers to life's biggest challenges and difficulties. We discover what creates
problems in our lives, how we block our own happiness, and what will free us from pain and limitation. The Spirit's
use of universal symbols to convey important realizations are easy to understand yet profound. These messages
provide simple, practical ways to use spiritual teachings in our everyday life.
What Will I Gain From Reading this Book?
Receiving  insights into universal blocks and unconscious patterns, you will
learn how to be free of what holds you back from living a life of joy. Reading
about experiences of spiritual reality you will remember your Divine nature and
trust in God's abundant love. Applying the reflection questions at the end of
“I feel that your dreams are like modern day parables like Jesus shared in the Bible. The wisdom
is still relevant today. Your dreams help our modern mind remember Truth, God, and Love.”  

     Seema Khaneja MD    Executive Director and founder of Coaching for Inner Peace
Discover the Healing Power of Dreams
Interview: What is the spiritual
message of "The Titanic Dream"?

Dreaming Miracles
Spiritual Dreams and Visions that Transform Life’s Challenges into Miracles

Patti Fields

FROM CHAPTER TWO  “Dreaming Miracles is about a different kind of dream — spiritual dreams. These dreams
originate from outside ordinary understanding and the unconscious ego belief system. They provide profound
insights, answers and healing from the realm of the Spirit. Spiritual dreams are God’s way of speaking to us and
our opportunity to listen.”  

Dreaming Miracles presents the spiritual dreams and visions Patti Fields received when facing life’s challenges
and hardships. They provide profound answers to universal questions such as: Why are we unhappy? What
blocks abundance? What heals sickness? How can we be free of fear? How can we break free from limitations? In
addition, the book addresses relationship struggles, guilt, decision making, and how to ask for and follow Divine

Unlike other dream books, Dreaming Miracles is a blend of captivating storytelling, intuitive dream interpretation,
and practical tools for transformation. It interweaves intimate experiences of universal hardships, profound
answers from the spiritual realm, and inspiring examples of healing, to help the reader experience miracles —
freedom from unconscious beliefs and patterns, trauma and pain.    

In the darkest moments of our lives, these dreams and visions remind us that we are never alone, we are always
loved and no matter how much pain we are in, we have access to spiritual answers that heal and bless.   
each chapter, you will restore harmony to relationships, open to new opportunities, release fear, and fulfill your
life's purpose. This book of dreams will guide you to living your own best life.
Expressions of Gratitude
Dreaming Miracles redirects my awareness to God’s love all around me and away from fears and
anxieties. I am not the dreamer, but Patti’s dreams speak to me as though I were. Her dreams
take the lens off of my ego and place it over my heart. There are no prerequisites for this book. Be
open, be brave, and listen to what God has to say to you.

     Rev. Mary Ramerman   Paster, Spiritus Christi Church
“The singular mind of Consciousness communicates with us through symbols that often appear in
our dreams. The dreams Patti shares in Dreaming Miracles, help us to access the deep wisdom
within and offer insights for us all. They become OUR dreams, OUR wisdom, and OUR healing.”  

     Sabra DeForest    Shamanic Practitioner, Healer
“The opportunity to see truth can come to us in many ways. Messages shared in Dreaming
Miracles have been an opportunity for me to recognize and heal the blocks in my own life that I
didn’t know existed.”                 

    Emily L. MSW
When Patti shares her dreams and visions, I listen carefully because of the deep wisdom they
convey. Dreaming Miracles will help you uncover hidden blocks and hidden treasures. The Spirit
is always speaking to us. I invite you to open the pages of this book and listen.

      Rev. Barbara Adams, O.M.C., M.S. Ed. Peace and Harmony Ministry