Dreaming Miracles

Spiritual Messages That Help & Heal


Why do people suffer? How can we be free of pain? What is the purpose of suffering?

These questions were swirling around in Patti Fields’ mind on the darkest day of her life. That night she experienced the first of many transformational spiritual dreams and learned an important lesson—when we are willing to contemplate deep questions and search for true understanding, we naturally open to the healing power of dreams and visions. Dreaming Miracles presents the spiritual dreams and visions Patti Fields received while facing life’s challenges and hardships. The messages provide profound answers to universal questions like: Why are we unhappy? What blocks abundance? What heals dis-ease? How can we release fear and overcome limitations?

Unlike other dream books, Dreaming Miracles is a blend of captivating storytelling, intuitive dream interpretation, and practical tools for transformation. It interweaves intimate experiences of personal hardship, spiritual insights, and inspiring examples of healing, to help YOU experience miracles, too.

Learning about universal blocks and unconscious patterns, you become aware of what is holding you back from living a joyful life. Applying the reflection questions that follow each message, can help you:

  • Restore harmony to your relationships
  • Become open to new opportunities
  • Release unworthiness and guilt
  • Fulfill your life’s purpose

And, the step-by-step dream guide included in this book can help you establish your own spiritual dream practice.

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