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Receiving spiritual guidance is a priceless gift that enables us to live authentically with awareness, peace, and love. In today’s world, the veil that separates the dimensions of consciousness is thin. Now, more than ever, you can tap into your natural ability to communicate with the spiritual realm.

One of my favorite and easiest ways to receive spiritual messages is in the dream state. When we sleep, we retire from the external world with its problems and concerns and naturally relax our thinking and defenses. Without interference from “the ego”, our dreams become an effortless way to obtain spiritual wisdom and guidance.

Spiritual dreaming is not a special gift. We all have access to the spiritual dimension. We all dream. Therefore, we all can receive profound messages and healing in the dream state. For spiritual dreams to be consistent, effective, and miraculous it is important to practice and nurture this natural gift.

To enhance your ability to receive spiritual dream messages I’m pleased to share my dream practice guide. Why not begin dreaming your own miracles tonight?