Healing With A Course in Miracles
and Spiritual Dreams and Visions
     I became A Course in Miracles student in January of 2000. Through dedication and consistent practice of ACIM  teachings, I
discovered that the promises of this spiritual path are real and possible. I learned the healing power of dreams when  faced with
life’s challenges and hardships. Now, dreams and visions are my main source of guidance, insights and healing.

   Through A Course in Miracles, and dreaming miracles, I have had numerous and profound experiences, resulting in a deep and
lasting peace, joyous and harmonious relationships, a gentle flow of life and a deep sense of connection to others and to God.  

   May the offerings on my website help you to identify unconscious blocks, be open to the healing power of the spiritual realm
and lead you to a miraculous life.
Apply Teachings
to Daily Life
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Patti Fields