Through dedication and consistent practice of A Course in Miracles' teachings, I
discovered that the promises of this spiritual path are real and possible. I learned the
healing power of dreams and visions when  facing life’s challenges and hardships.
Now, dreams and visions are my main source for guidance, insights, and healing.

A Course in Miracles and Dreaming Miracles I have had numerous and
profound spiritual experiences, resulting in a deep and lasting peace, joyous and
harmonious relationships, a gentle flow of life, and a deep sense of connection to
others and
to the Source of Love.  

May the offerings on my website help you to r
elease unconscious blocks, be open to
the healing power of the spiritual realm, and awaken you to the glorious, joyful truth
of who you are.


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Patti Fields
Awakening through Dreams and Visions
Insights to Light the Way
My book, Dreaming Miracles - Universal Messages
That Heal and Bless
contains spiritual answers to
life's challenges and difficulties. We discover what
creates problems in our lives, how we block our
own happiness, and what will free us from pain and

In this book you will learn simple, practical ways to
understand and use profound spiritual teachin
gs I
received in the dream state to experience miracles
in your everyday life.