Awakening through Joy
Dreaming Miracles
by Patti Fields
History pages and spiritual texts are full of accounts from mystics, visionaries, prophets, and ordinary
people like myself who have received profound messages from outside ordinary consciousness.

We all have our own way of communicating with this Inner Intelligence and it goes by many names.
Some call it intuition. Others refer to it as super natural, or spirit or God.

I call it dreaming miracles.

Patti Fields

   Patti Fields teacher of A Course in Miracles and Awakening Through Dreams and Visions, is an
intuitive dreamer, interpreter, and gifted mentor. In the darkest moment of her life Patti experienced
her first spiritual dream. With the sudden opening of this communication channel she began to receive
transformational messages for herself and others. Through her honesty, warmth, humor, and ability to
apply profound spiritual messages to life's challenges, Patti has helped many experience miracles –
complete freedom from old beliefs, patterns,trauma, and fear.

   Patti teaches a simple message - we all have the ability to reach beyond the limited paradigm of our
collective laws, thinking, and perception. By exploring the unconscious we learn the underlying cause
of problems in our lives and how to be free of what holds us back from living a life of joy.

   Patti teaches full time, conducting workshops, retreats, online group meetings, public lectures, and
private dream consultations. Her book,
Dreaming Miracles (due to be released in 2019) packages
universal spiritual messages, gifted story telling, and practical tools for transformation and will be the
foundation of many of her programs in 2019.
Insights to Light the Way