A Personal Note

My journey with
A Course in Miracles began long before I opened the book.  My brother, who lived in
California, would visit our small home town on the east coast and discuss its teachings with my mom and
me.  We were happy he found something to be so passionate about, but we would exchange secret looks
that said,
What on earth is he talking about!?  Fast forward a few years to a time in my life when my world
shattered with the death of my baby. I could no longer ignore the nagging questions that I had buried under
the illusion of a perfect life.  “What kind of God allows such suffering? Why would it be God's will that His
children die? What the heck was God thinking when He made this place?”  

This deep questioning would eventually lead me to
A Course in Miracles but in the meantime, until I found
answers that would allow me to trust in a loving God again, I decided to go it alone. I tried everything I
could think of to alleviate my fears and mend my broken heart.  Finally when nothing worked, I threw my
hands in the air and said (literally), "God, I give up. My way isn't working.  What is it that you want me to

It was then that I became a student of
A Course in Miracles.

I was skeptical  at first, but I was also desperate for peace. My expectations were not grandiose. I was
looking for a
little peace and a way to release some of the fear.  But with each step I took - reading ACIM
teachings, listening to the Spirit, practicing the workbook lessons, healing errors - pain and suffering
dissipated and peace returned. Over time it became clear that
A Course in Miracles offered me far more
than I even thought to ask for. Although it was radical in its teachings and practice, I knew this was a path
that would lead me to a permanent state of peace and joy.

My journey with Dreaming Miracles began at the same moment my life took a turn toward ACIM – the
night of Amanda’s funeral. My first spiritual dream came with no forewarning. In the darkest moment of
my life, the Spirit spoke to me in a dream. Throughout the next twenty five years, I would receive hundreds
of transformative messages that have helped me and others heal unconscious beliefs and patterns, and
receive the miracle of Divine love.  

Looking back from the beginning - when the separation from love seemed so true, I'm reminded of the
teachings of Dr. Seuss:

Oh! The Places You’ll Go!
You’ll be on your way up!
You’ll be seeing great sights!
You’ll join the high fliers who soar to high heights.

There is no limit to where the teachings of A Course in Miracles and Dreaming Miracles can take you. It will
carry you all the way to awakening to perfect love, if that is your choice.

About Patti

Patti Fields is a teacher, facilitator, retreat leader, intuitive dreamer, and author.  Her honesty, humor and
practical application of spiritual teachings, help others heal unconscious errors and listen to their own  
inner Spirit.

In her book,
Dreaming Miracles - Universal Messages that Heal and Bless Patti packages profound and
uplifting insights into modern day parables.  A skillful storyteller, she shares messages received in dreams
and visions to help others awaken to the healing presence of Divine love.

In addition to creating her own workshops, retreats and classes, Patti has been a guest speaker at local
churches and writing organizations. Her articles have been published in
The Rose in the World and ROC
. Her recordings and writings are shared among various spiritual groups throughout the world.
Meet Patti Fields