Rochester Study Group

Every Monday     7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Spiritus Christi Church
121 N. Fitzhugh Street Rochester, NY

Next Meeting: August 27,   2018

  After much prayer and discernment, I have decided to discontinue the ACIM study group. Our last meeting will be
Monday, August 27th.  

My first ACIM study group meeting was held on a Thursday evening in my home in June of 2008. It was a small group
of about 10-12 people. I didn't know if the group would last a few months, a year or disband after the first week! Here
we are 10+ years later.... I have enjoyed being with incredible people who have blessed my life in so many ways.

As many of you know, dreams and visions have been an integral part of my spiritual path, awakening me to insights,
awarenesses, and healing that might otherwise have taken years to accomplish. Because this channel has been so
beneficial to me, I want to help others explore this resource for their own healing and spiritual growth.  I can foresee
working with A Course in Miracles students using dreams as a way to listen to the Holy Spirit, so my connection with A
Course in Miracles will continue.

Click          to see what programs are in the works and to find out about my book
Dreaming Miracles.

Much Love,