Are you longing for unwavering peace, joyous and harmonious relationships, a gentle
flow of life, a sense of purpose, and a deep connection with others? Do you want to feel
safe, cared for, worry-free, and limitless? Many years ago I craved these things too.
This desire led me to teachings and practices that helped me break free from negative
belief patterns, grievances, and unhealthy self concepts.  As a result,  I began to have
experiences that were truly miraculous.

On this site, I share insights I have gleaned from my inner spiritual Guide, along with
exercises and practices I have used to transform life's challenges and hardships into
miracles. I hope these resources inspire and guide you to a joyful life.


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Patti Fields
Awakening through Joy
Insights to Light the Way
My book, Dreaming Miracles contains spiritual
insights I received while in a dream or meditative
state. We discover what creates problems in our
lives, how we block our own happiness, and what
will free us from pain and limitation.

In this book I share simple, practical ways to
understand and use profound spiritual teachings to
experience miracles in your everyday life.
Patti Fields