Buddha was asked, "What have you gained from meditation?" He replied "Nothing!" However, let me tell you what I have lost: anger, anxiety, depression,
insecurity, fear of old age and death."  This quote from Buddha teaches not only that meditation has been used for centuries as a spiritual practice but also
that it is a powerful tool for transformation and healing.  A Course in Miracles would agree. There are many lessons devoted to the practice of focusing the
mind and releasing interference or blocks to making contact with the deep inner truth.  These guided meditations are intended to strengthen your focus and
become aware of blocks so that you can reach the inner place where healing happens.
Letting Go of a Grievance - Based on Workbook Lesson #69
This meditation is especially helpful if you find yourself unwilling to let go of a grievance against a brother.  The meditation seeks to give us
an experience of what it would be like
if we released the grievance. The experience is so peaceful and joyful that we naturally would only
want more of the same.   What a  clever way to motivate us to let go of our grievances!
A Forgiveness Practice- Based on Workbook Lesson #78
A Course in Miracles teaches that forgiveness offers us all that we could ever want: peace, happiness, certainty of purpose, a sense of
worth, care and safety just to name a few.  This meditation leads us to an experience of forgiveness through the gentle guidance of the Holy
Spirit Who wants to reveal to us the truth of our brothers and ourselves.  There is no wound that will not heal in the presence of this truth.  
Loving Your Self
It seems impossible to be "self-accepting" when we are identified with our personality, our body; our roles and bogged down with a sense
of unworthiness, guilt, fear or inadequacies .  To be at peace with our Self, we don't have to make-over our self image, or become a better
self; we need only look deeper past the costume we are wearing to see the glory of Who we
already  are. In this meditation we are guided
to see past our costume to our True Self.  With the shedding of our costume we walk lighter and easier now that we are free to be our Self.
Sickness Meditation
Any form of disease is a shadow covering over the Holy Son of God.  The form is illusion, although when the physical body is sick, it seems
very, very real.  This meditation will take us on a journey past the form to Reality; where sickness cannot abide, because there is only Love.  
This meditation can be helpful if you are experiencing sickness or if you know someone who is experiencing sickness.
Meditation for Grief
This quiet and reflective meditation is meant to comfort you and hold you in God's Loving Arms while the experience of death seems so very
real.  Like a parent who gives comfort to their child who is in the grips of a terrifying nightmare, the Holy Spirit comforts us in our sorrow
knowing that those we love are forever joined with us in the Light and that" what God has joined together, no illusion can separate".
Morning and Evening Peace Meditation
This is a wonderful way to begin or end your day; to help set your mind on peace and love.
Forgiveness Meditation
This meditation is helpful when we are worried or upset about what is happening to others or to our self.  ACIM teaches that first we must
devote our self to healing if we are to share anything of value with our brothers. The only thought that can truly be shared and has the power
to heal all forms of suffering are the thoughts of holiness, love and oneness.  As you Look as the Holy Spirit looks and understand as He
understands and you will bring healing to the world.
Release From Fear Meditation
All fear at its root, is a sense of separation from God. We may believe the fear is because of what is happening, but if we listen carefully we
will notice the disturbing thoughts that are circulating in our mind, convincing us we are alone, weak and without power to protect ourselves
or others from harm.  We could only believe this if we also believed we were separated from the Power of the Universe, which is Love
(God). This meditation is a guide to releasing the fearful thoughts and returning to the awareness of our union with Source. This
awareness will release fear, for what is there to fear when you are surrounded and protected by God's Perfect Love?   It is recommended
that you read the introduction before listening to the audio.
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I Will Pray For You
As Course students when we pray, we are asking for a correction of the error in our mind. Praying for others is no different. We accept we
are one mind and that the responsibility for the error lies in our acceptance of the correction. This meditation guides us to pray for others by
asking for the change to happen in our own mind. This is the gateway for miracles.
Listen:  Praying For Others  7 Minute Guided 25 Minute Quiet Music
A Healing Meditation    "I  am sustained by the love of God"
When there is a "diagnosis", event, circumstance that presents false information about YOU or Others, there is a temptation to believe all
that you see and hear and forget that What you are is beyond hurt or sickness. This meditation can be used as a mantra to remember the
truth and lift your mind out of the human scene and into God's Loving embrace.
Finding The Blocks To Receiving What You Want
This guided meditation takes you to a safe place within your mind, where questions can be asked and answers given.
Welcoming In The Truth - Based on Lesson #131
When we are looking at frightening pictures and thinking darkened thoughts, it can seem impossible to turn away from the appearances
and seek the Kingdom of Heaven within. And yet, to go within and find God, is the one action that will lead to complete deliverance of all that
we see and think. This meditation will help you  turn away from the scary pictures and excessive thinking and enter the Light and Love of
Forgiveness Meditation
Connecting to Jesus
Our past learning has taught us that Jesus is a symbol of our sin. Let this meditation change your mind about what Jesus came to tell you
about You. You are the Christ.
Feeling Overwhelmed
When we are overwhelmed with intense emotions, excessive thinking and confusion about what to do, it seems impossible to get quiet so
we can hear the Holy Spirit's Answer.  Our "monkey mind" and emotions seem to be too powerful to quiet down. This is not true. We only
need to take back control, not by fighting, or resisting the current experience, but by allowing and then letting go. This meditation takes you
through a letting go process so you
can be still and hear the Voice for God.
You Are Not Alone
Join with Jesus through guided imagery to find comfort.  A beautiful, quiet song at the end sung by Barb Adams (written by Rests Burnham)
will soothe you and allow you to rest in the knowing that you are not alone.
How Can I Forgive?
When we believe a brother has hurt us or taken something from us, there is a strong desire  to attack. Seeing the Christ (as Jesus tells us
we need to do in order to be free) seems impossible when looking on "sin".  This meditation takes you on a visual journey from the present
to the past and with each step backwards, gently shows you how to see your brother differently. (Meditation written by Sabra DeForest.)
I Would Like a Different Experience Please
Are you tired of having the same experience over and over? Have you tried to get the world or others to stop saying or doing the thing that
you do not like and nothing has changed?  Consider this: patterns appear because we re-believe the past in the present. Therefore in order
to have a different future, we must respond differently to the present. This meditation guides you through this process. (Meditation written by
Sabra DeForest)
Darkness To Light - Based on T.11.III
Being willing to be fully present in your current experience while at the same time mindfully affirming the presence of a sacred, larger truth
beyond the experience. The appearance may be frightening or painful but the practice is to “be” with it in a way that opens us to the miracle.
Let This Be Used For A Holy Purpose
No matter how disturbing an event or situation is, assigning it a holy purpose will allow it to become a learning device to be used by the
Holy Spirit to lead you home.
"He will use everything in this world for your release. He will side with every token of your willingness to learn of
Him what the truth must be. He is swift to utilize whatever you offer Him on behalf of this.” T.15.VIII.1.   
This meditation helps us to be
willing. (Meditation written by Sabra DeForest.)
Letting Go Of Resistance
A "defense" is a way of protecting from a threat or resisting against the threat.  Are you resisting going into the Light? Are you protecting
yourself from the Light? You may not think so. But there are many ways resistance shows up that may surprise you. It's important to
recognize how you are defending against the truth so you can lay down your defenses and choose again. (There is a short teaching at the
beginning of this meditation that explains this further.) Meditation written by Sabra DeForest.
Centering Prayer
Prayer is in essence a relaxation into experience, a letting go and sinking into the center where the Kingdom of Heaven resides. We do this
not for any specific gain, although we do gain everything from being in this awareness.  We gain insights, true perception, steps to be
taken, all given to support you in fulfilling the purpose for your life. These are the fruits of the experience, the echoes of the song. A centering
prayer is basically using something to center your attention for the sole purpose of going within to seek contact with the Divine.
I Want Freedom Now
When in the grips of the ego thought system, it can seem like our mind is in prison and we have thrown away the key. But this is not so. The
key to freedom is asking and having faith. The freedom-prayer can be used anytime you want deliverance from painful ideas, fearful
perceptions, ego needs, unloving self concepts, judgments about others, etc.. We pray for freedom because these are blocks that keep us
unaware of Love's presence. Reference: "Free to Pray. Free to Love" by Max Oliva, S.J.
Freedom From Guilt
Travel to your inner sanctuary to join with the Holy Spirit and look upon the belief in our guilt,  unworthiness and fear of a wrathful God.  
Choose to claim your innocence as you contemplate the "I Am" and seek an experience of what you are as a creation of God. (This
meditation was used at a  Good Friday meditation group.  (Reference: "Three Magic Words"  Andersen  Music: Dueter- Kindred Spirit)
Recordings work best if you pause the recording and let it load for a few minutes, then begin listening.  
Gratitude: Open To The Abundance Of God (Without Feeling Guilty)
Gratitude is an important part of our spiritual path but it is easy to get confused about gratitude because when we express gratitude for things
that we know not everyone has, we usually end up feeling guilty. And there is no greater hindrance to feeling the Presence of Love than guilt!
"Gratitude can only be sincere if it be joined with love." (W.#195)  This meditation offers a new understanding of gratitude that releases the
guilt, connects it to love and opens your heart and mind to receive. And this truly blesses the world. (Music:  Peter Kater   "Essence")
Based on workbook lessons 108, 123 and 195
I Am Open To Receive Your Gifts. I am Open To Love
In this meditation we practice the grace of receiving by opening, relaxing and allowing gifts from our Creator to come to us. We get in touch
with our longing for love and ask to receive the abundance that is ours. (Reference: W.#189 and "Perfect Love, Imperfect Relationships" by
John Welwood)

What Does My Soul Want To Experience?
In this meditation we pause to listen deeply to what our Soul is calling for that will bring us closer to our goal of awakening to Love's Presence.
This was recorded during a class: Care for the Soul- Setting a Spiritual Intention for the New Year.
Guided Meditations