Greet All Energies with Tenderness and Love

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When you bask in the energy of Divine love, all is well – regardless of your surroundings. But, what about when you bask in the energies of anger, fear, jealousy, rage, and sadness? These energies can also be experienced regardless of external situations. However, they are often linked to the absence or presence of symbols in your life. That is why it can be difficult to move through these energies effortlessly.

These energies get stuck in place because you believe they exist as a result of a symbol that appeared or disappeared. Let us name a few of these symbols to help you understand today’s teaching: illness, divorce, death, a change in job or location, a breakdown in technology, communication, or social structures, unloving behaviors and agendas – the list goes on and on. When the world shows up in a certain way, it evokes unpleasant and pleasant internal energies. What energies arise depends on the energies that are taking up the most space in the personal and collective energy grid.

Whatever arises is neither good nor bad. It is simply an indicator of the energies most present within the field of consciousness at that time. If you can refrain from judging what is present and see it as an opportunity for these energies to pass through the personal and collective energy field, you allow what is NOT you to dissipate and what IS you to grow and expand. Imagine while feeling an intense emotion such as rage, you do not judge or act. You allow the energy to pass through like a wave, with the intention of letting go of what is NOT you so what IS you can fill a space. In this way, all energies can be greeted with tenderness and love.

When an energy is greeted with judgment or fueled by a misplaced honoring of your rights to feel or act in your own best interest, the energy gets stuck in place. No matter what energies are passing through, you are still you – a spark of light within Divine consciousness. It is difficult to remember this truth about yourself when energies are experienced that do not reflect this truth. Therefore, it makes it difficult for you to remember who you are. And that is the ONLY reason why it is in your best interest to allow the energies to pass through and dissipate. Anything you do or say as a result of feeling these energies can also lead you into more forgetfulness. And that is the ONLY reason why it is in your best interest not to act on these energies.

We give you this teaching to help you embrace all experiences while ONLY holding on to the ones that reflect the truth. That is how you honor your rights as a child of God. When all energies have been transmuted into love, there will be no spot left within consciousness that does not reflect the truth. We ask you to attend to your personal energies and transmute all energies into love. Your determination and tenacity to succeed in this endeavor is a gift you give to the whole. When you feel the incredible energy of love most, if not all of the time, you are helping others. Rest in this assurance and be well. Because all IS well when you bask in the energy of Divine love.

Tarot Deck – Shadowscape Tarot – Stephanie Pui-Mun Law

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