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In this world, you still have needs. There is nothing you need to do but ask for what you need. That is your part in co-creating with Divine Source.

In asking, you join your energies with the Divine. Asking is an act that lifts your attention upward beyond the need to the Deliverer – which is the Source of life and well-being. When you receive, you make visible this Source in a world that needs evidence that it has not been abandoned, and it does not have to live out its choice of separation. By asking you are now making a different choice – one that makes the everlasting connection with Divine love evident.

Asking and receiving is a spiritual practice because any practice that results in reestablishing oneness is spiritual. There is no wrong way to ask. State your need, and then ask for the need to be fulfilled. Be open to all forms and ways for it to be done. Do not limit the source by only accepting certain forms and rejecting others. Asking for the inconsequential minutia to be taken care of is not less spiritual than asking for truth. Both direct your attention toward the Source – which IS truth. You have been trained to think the opposite: if you ask for help with worldly problems, you are not asking for truth and therefore have lost your way. This belief is difficult to overcome because it triggers your guilt for the experience of being human.

To experience being human is not a crime. It is one experience of many that the Soul can have as an expression of its creative nature. Any experience of Divine Source energy within a human experience IS realizing truth. While being human, ask for what you need and lift up your heart and mind to the Creator. Let what you receive become evidence of your true nature and your connection with Divine Source.

Your problem is not one rooted in a condition of separation. Your problem is a lack of remembering what is true. See everything as a way to remember truth, and you will realize that asking and receiving is a practice that will lead you Home.

Question to my guides: I notice that I do not have trouble receiving. But I do struggle with asking. When I try to be specific by stating a need and asking for it to be fulfilled, I get confused about what I need.

Analyzing the resistance to asking serves no purpose. See it simply as resistance (or fear), and declare to yourself that fear is not rooted in truth. Therefore, why give it more attention? Our message to ask and receive is rooted in love. The answer to your concern is to decide if you will be guided by love or fear, and then act on your choice.

Your will is strong when it comes to resisting fear. Remember your determination to experience love and connection, and then choose to state your need as you understand it, and follow our instructions. Let the evidence be what diminishes the fear. We will tell you that any resistance is rooted in unworthiness which is a result of guilt. Is it worth your time to pay attention to what is fundamentally not true? That is why we give you the directive to use your will to not pay attention to resistance and simply do the practice as instructed.

We love you. We know your struggle, and we know the quickest, easiest way to overcome the struggle. By listening and following through with today’s instructions, you are dismantling the beliefs that keep you struggling. We will be with you and support you while you ask. But the asking must come from you. That is how you establish your role as co-creator and your identity as a spiritual being deserving of love.

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