How Can I Help Those Who Are Suffering?

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You ask how you can help those who are suffering. The answer requires you to turn away from the problem just for a moment. This act of closing your eyes to the distress is not an act of denial or disregard for others. It is part of the helpfulness you can offer to a suffering world. When you close your eyes, you immediately become aware of your own internal world. Why is this necessary? Because the help you desire to give, originates from deep inside you.

If you do not go within, how can you hope to offer help without receiving the remedy first and then offering it to those in need of healing? This internal remedy does not substitute for external solutions, if needed. Remember, we are addressing your question which contains some awareness that your source of helpfulness resides within. “First within then without,” is a directive we have given to you in a previous message. Let us use this directive again to answer your question about how to ease other’s suffering.

When you close your eyes and are aware of your thoughts, perceptions, and feelings you are recognizing a layer of experience that is either a first response to what is happening or a deep layer of a healing remedy. The layer you encounter depends on where YOU are at – not the ones you want to help but YOU who are seeking help internally. If you are in any kind of distress, you are reacting from the layer we will call “first responders.” You arrive on the scene, see the emergency, and react quickly without time to reflect or process. Once the triage remedies have been applied, then comes the next layer of help where there is time to examine and evaluate the real problem and attend to the need with a remedy that will sustain them through the healing process.

In world situations this analogy means that you address the first layer of panic, grief, and fear with damage control. You take care of the immediate needs of safety, comfort, bandages…whatever is needed to create a moment for you to pause. Then close your eyes and travel through the initial reactions to reach a layer of knowing and peace.

Your desire to help and the desire to reach for Help from the Divine source are all that you need to possess. These two desires combine to create a powerful force that overrides your fears and sadness. Your next task is to stay alert to what happens next. A thought, directive, feeling, sensation, idea, or perception will emerge from three things you have done: You had a desire to help. You closed your eyes and looked within. And you wanted to connect with the Divine source for help.

Pay attention to the little nuggets you receive. Don’t expect huge thunderclaps and bolts of lightning. Miracles are gentle because they are expressions of love. A miracle worker walks quietly and carries a big stick – meaning you are a channel of great power. To hold this power within you and carry it to those in need, requires a loving and gentle demeaner because those who feel attacked will defend against the great power of love. You must foster gentleness and care within yourself if you are to offer Divine help to the world. Put aside your agendas, your doctrines, and your opinions and open to the gentleness of the Spirit.

This answer to your question may seem too simple for a problem so big. We assure you there is no problem bigger than the God energy that resides within you. Practice our way of helping today in all things great and small. Make notes of the results and rejoice with the knowledge that you are finding the way at last, to be truly helpful.

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