A Simple Prayer to Help Guide You

Is your intellect the leader in your life or your inner knowing? Which do you follow when taking action? Your intellect seems worthy of your trust. And yet, haven’t you found when following the intellect – pain and confusion? It tricks you into believing that pain is part of the package when you signed up for a life experience. That way, you do not question its leadership when it leads to less than perfect peace and joy.

You must become aware of a few of your basic rights in order to switch your allegiance to the knowing of your heart. It is true that when following your inner knowing you may feel sadness or confusion. That is because it is difficult for you to see from the perspective of the awakened soul. If you did, you would know that you are safe, loved, and admired always. And, any experience you may have as an awakening soul is just that – an experience. It cannot harm you or make you less loveable or deserving. Nor can it alter your ability to be yourself.

Your pain and confusion are a result of the interpretation of events and who you are. A spiritual student who is learning about spiritual matters must first learn that perspective and interpretation are subjective, depending on what level you view the experience from. This lesson is very challenging for anyone who believes there is an absolute right and wrong way to view life. As your guides and teachers, it is our duty to point out the inconsistencies of a black and white world in order to help a student begin to question what they think they know. Once you are willing to question the “solid” foundation on which you stand, you are then willing to seek a higher perspective of the event and yourself.

There are many students who seek to merge with the spiritual realm without questioning their interpretation of the world around them. It is precisely because of this steadfast view that they are not able to make giant leaps in their learning. We wish to help you move quickly through the syllabus. To do so, consider mastering lesson #1: There are two perspectives from which to view the world. The ground level interprets through the intellect and thereby you feel the emotions of that interpretation. The higher level interprets through the intuitive knowing of the heart. And what is known feels peaceful and loving.

You cannot over practice this lesson. Each time you are willing to ask for a spiritual perspective and then follow any action we direct, you are helping yourself move quickly through the curriculum. A spiritual perspective and guidance always meets your earthly and heavenly needs. We use all aspects of consciousness to bring about rapid change. You judge what is worthy and spiritual – we do not. All creations in consciousness are valuable if they serve the highest good of all. Therefore, begin and end each day with a simple prayer. Ask to perceive all events, people, and yourself through the intuitive knowing of the heart. Trust what you see and understand, and then follow any ideas, nudges, or directives.

Let your intuition lead you through all difficulties and all pleasures in life. Through experience you will learn that following your heart IS worthy of your trust. And letting your heart lead the way will get you to your goal.

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